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    Some US Caterpillar workers plan possible strike once contract expires

    March 2, 2023 // Caterpillar Inc (CAT.N) said on Wednesday it had reached a tentative agreement with a union that represents workers at four of its facilities, dodging a possible walkout at a time when companies across the United States are dealing with widespread labor shortages. The construction equipment maker's new six-year agreement, which needs to be put to a vote by employees, comes after some union workers had threatened a strike as they negotiated wage increases, improved safety measures and better healthcare benefits.

    Tesla workers trying to unionize are turning to the group that launched Starbucks’ nationwide union wave

    February 16, 2023 // The Buffalo factory has about 2,000 employees, about 800 of whom work for the company’s Autopilot division, the technology that allows Tesla’s cars to maneuver controls automatically. The remainder of the workers are part of manufacturing or other functions, according to the Wall Street Journal. Since December 2021, when Starbucks workers first organized in Buffalo, over 250 more stores have voted in favor of unionizing. The company has adopted a hardline stance towards its unions. Starbucks has yet to agree to or sign any contracts with its unions, even though it has said it’s open to discussions. With executives pushing back and negotiations faltering, the unionization effort in the world’s largest coffeehouse chain has begun to slow in recent months with a softer pace of contract bargaining.

    UPS plans to lay off some of its controversial weekend drivers, union reps say, as delivery companies downsize for post-pandemic life

    February 14, 2023 // The affected position, according to the union, is the "22.4" driver, named for the section of the contract that created the position. These drivers work Tuesday through Saturday and top out at $30.64 per hour, while regular drivers can reach $42. The Teamsters see these drivers as "second class" and now regret that the position was approved in their controversial 2018 contract. Under the existing contract, affected drivers have the right to work from another location or work two weekly shifts handling packages inside UPS buildings instead of driving, and no so-called Regular Package Drivers can be laid off before a 22.4 driver, according to the 804's post. A UPS spokesperson said the company is shifting its capacity to respond to customer demand.

    New York City teachers union holds ‘teach-in’ protest over wages

    February 7, 2023 // United Federation of Teachers (UFT), held a “teach-in” protest last week, where teachers reported to work, but did not teach classes. Instead, teachers gathered in a room to discuss issues of their choosing, such as political subjects like environmental justice or labor. On UFT’s website, the union wrote that the teach-in protest is to “encourage engagement and activism,” but the purpose of this week’s protest is to call for a new contract. UFT said that the protest will “engage in a discussion about the power of our contract in shaping our experience as educators and then brainstorm actions your school can organize as part of our fight for the contract we deserve.”

    Disney World union members reject contract offer

    February 6, 2023 // The 32,000 Disney employees, members of six different unions, had been urged by their unions’ leadership to vote no. More than 14,000 votes were cast and 96% voted no. “I think the workers at Disney World have sent a loud message that $1 is not enough. The company need to provide a meaningful wage increase that addresses the economic issues that workers are facing,” said Matt Hollis, president of the Service Trades Council Union, the collection of unions that are negotiating with Disney management.

    Woburn teachers strike for the fourth day in a row despite facing thousands of dollars in fines

    February 2, 2023 // A superior court judge ruled that the Woburn Teachers Association will have to pay daily fines beginning at $40,000. The fine amount will increase by $5,000 per-day for each day that teachers remain on strike. Woburn Teachers Association President Barbara Locke said on Wednesday that she is “not worried” about paying the fines. “We’re worried about the children,” she said. Mayor Scott Galvin said the strike has cost the city of Woburn about $120,000 so far.

    More than 600 city of Portland workers out on strike

    February 2, 2023 // Portlanders will feel an impact from the strike, though it’s not clear yet just how deep or how quickly. Mayor Ted Wheeler has authorized using independent contractors to do some of the work of striking city employees. Local 483 includes people responsible for fixing sewage leaks, cleaning trash at city parks, and clearing streets of ice and snow, among other tasks. At a City Council meeting Wednesday, union representative James O’Laughlen urged commissioners to agree to the union’s proposal.

    2/3rd of Post-Gazette Union Crossed Picket Line or Quit

    January 30, 2023 // However, as the strike stretches into its fourth month with no end-in-sight, the union has struggled to prevent reporters from crossing the picket line. According to an analysis done by Payday Report of bylines and interviews with Post-Gazette reporters, nearly ⅔ of the union has crossed the picket line (with almost half of all reporters doing so). Many reporters, particularly younger reporters, have found jobs at other publications as the strike’s likelihood of success looks small and moved away from Pittsburgh./ Currently, the union can only maintain pickets for 2 hours a day as approximately two dozen reporters remain on strike from about 85 reporters who were members of the union at the beginning of the strike. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette union chair Andrew Goldstein has privately acknowledged to local labor supporters that the strike is a “disaster.”

    Teachers in Woburn vote to go on strike Monday

    January 30, 2023 // "This action by the WTA is illegal, disruptive and unnecessary," said a statement from the Woburn School Committee and Mayor Scott Galvin. "The School Committee and Mayor Scott Galvin have been negotiating in good faith for more than a year with the WTA to reach an agreement on a successor collective bargaining agreement." According to the city, the school committee and the union reached a tentative agreement on a contract back in October 2022 but then the union did not ratify it.

    HarperCollins workers have spent more than 50 days on strike. Is it working?

    January 24, 2023 // But if the HarperCollins union gets the wages and protections they're asking for, it could set a higher standard for the rest of the publishing industry going forward, even if they're not unionized. It's an uphill climb, though. The striking workers have been without a paycheck for months now, but they're already planning another big rally in February.