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    ‘Barbenheimer’ was a boon to movie theaters and a headache for many workers. So they’re unionizing

    October 16, 2023 // Alamo held meetings in Manhattan and Brooklyn in the weeks leading up to union votes. In each gathering, management officials acknowledged discontent among staff members, while reiterating that any issues were better worked out entirely within the company. In Brooklyn, per the recordings, League reflected on the company's history, dating back to its origins in the 1990s. He spoke of his dedication to Alamo and of his own progressive affinities, including his “passionate” support for Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Both League and his wife and Alamo co-founder Karrie League have contributed to various Democratic Party candidates. Tim League has publicly praised the pro-labor senator's 2016 presidential run, telling a CNBC interviewer in 2016 that “Bernie is going to be good for America." League emphasized that he "understood" why Hollywood actors and writers were striking, and why auto workers went on strike. But for Alamo, he said, unions would be a step back, a "communication block." “I fully recognize my own personal bias here,” he said. “I don’t think that forming a union is the right solution for Alamo, that is my personal opinion. I’m concerned that a union is going to drive a wedge between us."

    Film Forum Workers Vote to Unionize in NLRB Election

    June 21, 2022 // Full and part-time staffers who work in the theater, in programming, publicity, facilities and administration participated in the vote. According to the union, employees hope unionizing will improve compensation, change organizational development practices and standardize work conditions for workers across departments. The union adds that workers’ experience throughout the pandemic with furloughs and health and safety concerns helped spur their unionization attempt. Chad Bolton, Claudia Francois, Stephanie Gross, sustainable workplace, Alamo Drafthouse theater, Anthology Film Archives, Film at Lincoln Center,