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    Focus organizing drives on workers without college degrees, US unions told

    May 8, 2023 // n contrast, unionization hasn’t taken off nearly as rapidly at many blue-collar, lower-paid workplaces. No other Chipotle restaurant has unionized since workers in Lansing, Michigan, voted last August to make theirs the nation’s first unionized Chipotle. Only one Amazon warehouse is unionized in the US, just two Apple stores and four Trader Joe’s. Those companies have mounted fierce anti-union counterattacks to slow and they hope stop the spread. Chris Rosell, the Teamsters’ organizing director, says one reason unionization of blue-collar workers often doesn’t catch fire is that it’s frequently easier for anti-union consultants to scare and deter those workers. “Blue-collar workers often aren’t as educated about this union-busting stuff,” he said. “They could be more susceptible to these kinds of tactics.” Rosell said the Teamsters often run elaborate campaigns that seek to inoculate workers from the pressures and propaganda from anti-union consultants. He said the Teamsters’ president, Sean O’Brien, hopes to double the union’s membership and focus organizing on such area trucking, warehouses and sanitation work. Erica Smiley, executive director of Jobs with Justice, a labor rights group, says it’s often harder to unionize blue-collar workers because they tend to have less economic security than educated workers and have greater fear of what will happen to them if they’re retaliated against, perhaps getting fired, for seeking to unionize.

    Film Forum Workers Vote to Unionize in NLRB Election

    June 21, 2022 // Full and part-time staffers who work in the theater, in programming, publicity, facilities and administration participated in the vote. According to the union, employees hope unionizing will improve compensation, change organizational development practices and standardize work conditions for workers across departments. The union adds that workers’ experience throughout the pandemic with furloughs and health and safety concerns helped spur their unionization attempt. Chad Bolton, Claudia Francois, Stephanie Gross, sustainable workplace, Alamo Drafthouse theater, Anthology Film Archives, Film at Lincoln Center,