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    Video: Howard Brown Health workers to begin 2-day strike at Chicago clinics Tuesday

    November 14, 2023 // Howard Brown Health says they plan to maintain scheduled appointments for all services Tuesday and Wednesday but patients could experience some delays. Meanwhile union leaders plan to hold a news conference later Tuesday. A large rally at a clinic in Lakeview is set for Wednesday. The union plans to also boycott Howard Brown's Brown Elephant thrift stores. Howard Brown Health VP of external relations Katie Metos, issued a statement saying, "In response to the work stoppage, Howard Brown Health has implemented a contingency plan that ensures all patient appointments are fulfilled, while also following all labor regulations. Everyone who has a scheduled appointment during this strike will be seen. When our community members seek our care, they are relying on us to meet their vital healthcare needs. We are committed to being a reliable pillar of care for our communities.

    Howard Brown Health workers begin 3-day strike

    January 4, 2023 // “After looking at every option for cost-saving measures, many of which we have already started to implement, we are now taking difficult but necessary actions to reduce expenses with a reduction in workforce,” said David Ernesto Munar, president and CEO of Howard Brown. “The goal is to minimize the impact on our employees and maintain the high-quality services that our patients expect and deserve. While painful in the short term, these cost-saving measures will help ensure Howard Brown’s ability to serve our communities for decades to come.” Margo Gislain, an organizer with the Illinois Nurses Association, said she hopes the charges before the National Labor Relations Board will result in the workers’ jobs being restored with back pay.

    From Starbucks to Marijuana Dispensaries, 2022 Marked a Year of Gains for Labor Organizers in Chicago, US

    December 28, 2022 // Election day also brought a win for union backers, when voters supported the so-called Workers’ Rights Amendment broadening rights in the Illinois constitution for collective bargaining. “This is a major win for workers rights that will outlast any single politicians’ term and enshrine a key right for Illinoisans for generations to come,” Governor J.B. Pritzker said in a December proclamation announcing the amendment had passed. Organizers and their supporters are also hopeful the National Labor Relations Board is about to get a financial boost in a new federal spending plan. The $25 million budget increase will be the agency’s first in nine years, according to the NLRB union. Union supporters say the agency has been chronically underfunded, weakening its ability to enforce labor laws.

    For Whom Do Illinois Union Leaders Work?

    August 8, 2022 // The Illinois Policy Institute discovered during the 2021 Illinois legislative session that government unions had intentionally thwarted three pieces of bipartisan legislation that would have helped their members. Why? Because those bills could have threatened union leaders’ power and influence. The benefits of these pieces of legislation were clear. The reason they were defeated is clear, too: The union leaders did not want them, and they used their power to get their way. Classrooms First Act, Rita Mayfield, Illinois Federation of Teachers, Illinois Education Association, Nurse Licensure Compact, Sarah Feigenholtz, Senate Licensed Activities Committee, Senate Licensed Activities Committee, Fraternal Order of Police, Illinois AFL-CIO, AFSCME Council 31, Illinois Federation of Public Employees Local 4408, Teamsters Joint Council 25