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    Member testimonial: Unions are too politicized, should focus on members

    December 12, 2022 // “The union picks and chooses political candidates or campaigns to support,” the member told me, “but does not ask members for feedback or advice.” It is important to note that while this AFFT member shares similar political views to the union’s preferred candidates, they still believe the decision to donate to candidates or campaigns should be up to the individual and not the union. Instead, it is the belief of the AFFT member I spoke with that the union should focus on taking care of union workers and refrain from spending dues on politics.

    Sparked by Pandemic Stresses, Unionizing Workers Seek Respect and a Place at the Table

    August 18, 2022 // Throughout the pandemic, we were called ‘essential workers,’ yet we weren’t given the wages, benefits or respect that being ‘essential’ would denote.” Nick Kalm, John Logan, Labor and Employment Studies Department at San Francisco State University

    Starbucks workers in Wichita reject union bid

    August 3, 2022 // Workers at the Starbucks near 21st and Amidon in Wichita have voted not unionize. The workers filed for a union vote in May, becoming the first in the city to do so. KMUW reports the workers rejected the bid in a 5-6 vote. Workers at the Wichita Starbucks near 21st and Amidon have begun the process to unionize. Esau Freeman, Barista Maia Cuellar Serafini, Huffington Post,