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    Workers at Eeva in Kensington have unionized

    January 11, 2023 // Local 80, Philly’s food-service union, celebrated another victory this weekend as it welcomed its latest member: Eeva, the Kensington bakery/restaurant from the owners of ReAnimator Coffee. It is the first independent restaurant in the city to unionize. “The management team at Eeva intends to voluntarily recognize the Eeva staff union,” Eeva’s owners, Mark Corpus, Greg Dunn and Mark Capriotti, said in a statement to The Inquirer on Monday.

    The push to unionize Philly’s food scene

    May 9, 2022 // Workers used both carrot and stick to give employers an incentive to join the union. They applied pressure with “sip-ins,” in which pro-union customers would monopolize tables while lingering over coffee. The union oversaw training and discipline for its members, and also encouraged forming restaurant associations to defray costs for small business owners.