Home Depot workers vote against unionizing U.S. store

    November 7, 2022 // Home Depot Workers United sought to unionize to address concerns regarding wages, staffing and training, said Vincent Quiles, interim president of Home Depot Workers United and a receiving associate at Home Depot. The independent union in mid-October filed an unfair labor practices charge against the retailer for engaging in unlawful surveillance and interrogating workers at the Philadelphia location, according to Home Depot Workers United. Home Depot said it will cooperate with the NLRB in the investigation and is confident it has not committed the alleged violations, according to a spokesperson.

    Art Museum workers continue strike into second week

    October 6, 2022 // In the week since the strike began, there have been no negotiations between workers and management. After two years of negotiating, the union called a strike on September 26 when management came to the table with an offer to raise wages an average of 8.5% in the first 10 months of the contract, and 11% by July 2024, among other benefits such as four weeks of paid parental leave and accelerated eligibility for new employees to access medical coverage.

    Philly art museum workers resume strike in effort to secure better wages, benefits in first union contract

    September 26, 2022 // "After two years of negotiations, our membership cannot accept further stalling and union-busting," said Adam Rizzo, a museum educator and president of Local 397. "We had hoped the museum's appointment of a new director and CEO, Sasha Suda, would signal a change in tone and that she would be more involved in helping us reach a fair agreement. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened. If the choice is between accepting the status quo or going on strike, we choose to strike. It's up to museum management to present a better option."

    Ecommerce meets collective bargaining: How a Philly crafter helped organize the Etsy strike and create a new sellers guild

    September 23, 2022 // The ISG team is ready for the long haul, and plans to take on the platform on multiple fronts, Boyd said. They also hope to see similar movements among content creators on sites like Bandcamp and Onlyfans. “If we had the sort of power, with 30,000, to compel a lukewarm response from Etsy, if we keep growing and developing something that’s able to be more accountable and more democratic, we think that power is going to increase,” Boyd said. “That’s the basis by which we want to collectively bargain with these platforms.”

    Home Depot workers petition to form 1st store-wide union

    September 22, 2022 // The petition, filed with the National Labor Relations Board this week, seeks to form a collective bargaining unit for 274 employees who work in merchandising, specialty and operations. The federal agency's database shows no other attempts to form a store-wide union at the company, though a group of Home Depot drivers successfully unionized with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in 2019

    Harrisburg pizza shop shuts down; employees had filed to unionize

    August 25, 2022 // Knead Pizza announced on social media sites its decision to shut both its original location in the Broad Street Market and Knead Slice Shop at the corner of N. 3rd and Boas streets. In addition, Knead, which was founded in 2016, was in the process of opening a third location on Cameron Street in Harrisburg.

    Bernie Sanders to hold pro-union rally in Philadelphia

    August 15, 2022 // While many on Twitter were excited about the rally, there were others who pointed out that Sanders is a millionaire himself. John Dougherty, a powerful Philadelphia political boss who ran the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 for three decades, was forced to step down after he was convicted on federal corruption charges last November. Prosecutors say he bribed former Councilman Bobby Henon, who was a union electrician before he took office, to vote in line with Dougherty's agenda. In exchange, the councilman got a $70,000 annual salary and other perks like Eagles tickets.

    Your Favorite Beer May Be Hard To Find In Philly Region As Teamsters Local 830 Striking For Better Wages

    June 22, 2022 // Grace pointed out that this strike comes within two weeks of the July 4th holiday, which she says is one of the “most lucrative times of the calendar year for the beverage industry.” “It’d be a shame if the beverage shelves of grocery stores, convenience stores and beer distributors are empty for the three-day July 4th weekend,” Grace said. “The Delaware Valley Importers Distribution Association can end this impasse quickly by giving our members a fair contract, one that accounts for the runaway inflation in America and quality of life issues. Until then, however, we’ll remain on strike. Our resolve and solidarity are unshakable.” Origlio, Muller, and Penn Distributors, Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and Bucks Counties, Daniel H. Grace,

    Op-ed: Hunter Tower: In Pennsylvania, Janus is more relevant than ever

    June 21, 2022 // Government employee unions responded to Janus by adopting a variety of still-being-litigated defensive strategies, including: only processing opt-out requests during a two-week annual window; challenging each request in court, forcing individual workers to battle the union’s well-financed legal team; subjecting union defectors to workplace harassment; and, when all else fails, forging the worker’s signature on membership documents. HB-2042, Charles Lane

    AFL-CIO unveils plan to grow but some union leaders underwhelmed

    June 17, 2022 // Shuler announced the creation of the Center for Transformational Organizing, a group of strategists, organizers and researcher who will focus on how to unionize new-economy companies. “We have a visionary way forward,” Shuler said. D Taylor, Mark Dimondstein,