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    Labor dispute continues between Teamsters and Illinois Dept. of Transportation

    February 19, 2024 // “It’s a little unclear what will ultimately happen. We, the CMS, has put an offer on the table, an offer that is an increase in wages, that offers them good health care benefits,” Pritzker said. In addition, IDOT is facing an unfair labor practice charge. Teamsters Local 916 is accusing IDOT of monitoring and surveilling workers. The move comes just days after Teamsters across the state voted to authorize a strike.


    December 18, 2023 // The contract negotiated between the state and AFSCME Council 31 was ratified by members in July. But the final contract has yet to be released, meaning taxpayers don’t yet know how much it will cost them. Little-known government union fact: When government workers ratify a union contract, they don’t necessarily see the exact contract. That’s what happened earlier this year when Illinois state workers ratified a contract between the state and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31, the union representing them. The language of the contract itself wasn’t final, but the state and union had agreed to the terms.

    A Tale of Two Teachers’ Unions

    November 17, 2023 // Efforts to decertify the teachers’ union in Miami are possible because conservatives won elections and passed a good law that limits public-sector unions’ power. States with conservative governments should follow Florida’s lead and pass similar laws. States with progressive governments will continue to struggle under the burden of unrepresentative teachers’ unions.

    Opinion: Radical Unions Elected Biden, Chaos Ensues on International Front, but Others Bank on Same Formula

    October 26, 2023 // Additionally, Biden unveiled a $400 billion American Jobs Plan designed to force thousands of Medicaid home healthcare providers back into the union membership they declined following the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2014 ruling in Harris v. Quinn. Unofficially, Biden waited weeks to survey the damage in fire-ravaged Hawaii and still hasn’t visited East Palestine, Ohio, where a 38-car train wreck last February created a huge hazardous waste disaster. But he saw fit to wade into a private-sector labor dispute by siding with the striking United Auto Workers and became the first sitting president in history to join a picket line.

    Pritzker weighs in on statehouse staffers attempting to unionize

    September 8, 2023 // The staffers have been hoping to meet with Welch, D-Hillside, to discuss terms for unionization but have been unsuccessful up to this point. "For the last 9 months, we have asked in good faith for Speaker Welch to meet with us. Despite his outspoken pro-labor rhetoric and vocal support for the right of all employees in Illinois to unionize, he is apparently intent on denying this right to his own staff," the Illinois Legislative Staff Association said in a statement posted to social media. “It should not be controversial in 2023 for a group of workers in a blue state with a strong union tradition to form a union, especially when the right to organize is enshrined in the state constitution."

    Commentary: Dem Governors Buy Union Backing — Just Like Biden

    August 30, 2023 // In the backrooms where such deals are cut, buying a politician’s favor is called “influence peddling,” and President Biden, for all his seeming cognitive lapses, has been playing the game with ruthless aplomb for decades. Now he may be handing the baton to a younger, faster competitor. Recent history has shown the presidency itself can be bought if you control a big enough infusion of someone else’s dues dollars — and the promise to pay it all back with interest from the public treasury.

    Illinois’ new deal with AFSCME union to cost taxpayers an additional $620 million

    July 27, 2023 // In 2022, the Illinois Comptroller's salary database shows all state employees combined were paid over $6 billion. That's more than $200 million more than the $5.8 billion spent in 2021. Hill said along with the new contract, workers will also receive bonuses. "Current employees of AFSCME are going to get stipends of $1,200 upon the ratification of the agreement," Hill said. "Not only are there going to be wage gains in excess of what the private sector is getting and what the state can afford, but we are also going to be giving out apparent bonuses to members." Pritzker said the negotiations with AFSCME were fair. "I’m thankful for a productive negotiation that led to a contract which recognizes the valuable contributions of state employees and makes government more efficient," Pritzker said.