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    Michigan Democrats want to make it easier to give to unions (who give to Dems)

    May 24, 2023 // Democrats-backed legislation would allow unions to collect political contributions from members via payroll deduction The legislation would reverse restrictions put in place by Republicans Unions typically donate to Democrats and have given big to the party since it took control of Lansing this year. Public resources — such as fees associated with administering the deduction program — would also be allowed to be used for payroll deductions as long as unions reimburse the costs. Employers are already allowed to deduct income tax withholdings, Social Security, overpayments and more from employees’ wages and benefits under federal and state law. They can also deduct payments for health benefits and charitable donations with employee consent.


    December 29, 2022 // To begin to get an idea of how difficult it is to track government union political spending in California from the ground up, monitoring every campaign, go to the California Secretary of State’s Campaign Finance website, select “Committees, Parties, Major Donors & Slate Mailers,” and enter the search term “teachers.” After you’ve eliminated the ones that are inactive and terminated, you will be staring down a list of 461 active recipient committees funded by state and local teachers unions. Examining the reports from these 461 committees formed by teachers unions quickly reveals how little we really know. Many of the incoming contributions come from other committees; many of the outgoing donations are to other committees. It is almost impossible to track the money coming in or going out to its ultimate source or destination.

    Santa Clara County CALIF: In the sheriff’s race, unions back Jensen while elected officials are in Jonsen’s corner

    October 17, 2022 // One of the candidates for Santa Clara County Sheriff is backed by labor unions, and the other is getting more support from elected officials. Retired Capt. Kevin Jensen has received $200,000 from the union for jail guards and the union for sheriff’s deputies. He has raised $692,298 this year, according to campaign finance documents. Former Palo Alto Chief Bob Jonsen has raised $77,949 and loaned his campaign $30,000. Jonsen is supported by Rep. Anna Eshoo, Assemblyman March Berman, Supervisor Joe Simitian, Assessor Larry Stone and the majority of Palo Alto City Council. Jensen’s union support doesn’t end with the deputies and jail guards that he would oversee. He is also supported by unions in San Jose, Los Altos, Morgan Hill, Milpitas, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz County and San Mateo County.