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    Millions of men are leaving the workforce. Here’s the lasting impact that has on the economy.

    February 24, 2023 // But a less publicized factor is that men ages 25 to 54, have been dropping out of the workforce for decades. Their participation rate rebounded somewhat from 2017 to 2019 as unemployment fell and wages increased in a vibrant labor market. But it slid during the health crisis and has yet to fully recover despite record job growth over the past two years. A 2021 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond also cites a rise in male substance abuse and even heavy video game use. Another study several months ago by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston cites a less obvious reason: Non-college-educated men have left the labor force in greater numbers as the shortfall in their wages compared to college-educated men has increased, the study says.

    Understanding America’s Labor Shortage: The Most Impacted Industries

    September 9, 2022 // For example, durable goods manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, and education and health services have a labor shortage—these industries have more unfilled job openings than unemployed workers with experience in their respective industry. Even if every unemployed person with experience in the durable goods manufacturing industry were employed, the industry would only fill 65% of the vacant jobs. Conversely, in the transportation, construction, and mining industries, there is a labor surplus. There are more unemployed workers with experience in their respective industry than there are open jobs.