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    Op-Ed: Biden’s joint-employer rule is bad for workers

    November 9, 2023 // Included in the Employee Rights Act are the commonsense provisions of the Save Local Business Act, which would provide much-needed clarity in determining joint-employer status and prevent franchise owners from becoming corporate middle managers. More specifically, the bills amend the National Labor Relations Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act to clarify that two or more employers must have “actual, direct, and immediate” control over employees to be considered joint employers. It rolls back a convoluted joint-employer scheme that threatens job creation and undermines the American dream, and it restores a commonsense definition of employer to provide certainty and stability for workers and job creators. Simply put, the Employee Rights Act seeks to update our nation’s labor policies to match the needs of the 21st-century worker and workforce.

    Unions’ power ebbs and flows

    November 6, 2023 // Unionization efforts have expanded but many are taking place where there is little history of organized labor, creating a higher bar for workers. Colvin points to Starbucks workers who have seen union drives clipped in the last year. Starbucks has been accused of chilling organization by closing unionized stores and firing pro-union workers. There are also limits for organizers under current labor law. That means that what worked in the auto workers' labor campaign, for example, may not be possible for other industries.

    Anderson Economic Group, LLC Reports Strike-Induced Auto Industry Losses Exceed $9.3 Billion

    October 26, 2023 // Anderson Economic Group, LLC, a boutique economic consultancy based in Michigan, has calculated that the 2023 UAW strike against Detroit’s three top automakers has surpassed $9.3 billion in economic losses for the auto industry. These calculations encompass losses through the fifth full strike week, which ended at midnight on October 19. These figures do not include plant closures, additional strike targets, or layoffs that took effect on or after Friday, October 19. These will be included in our loss calculations in the sixth and any successive weeks. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, in this case referring to Ford, GM, and Stellantis.

    Prolonged UAW strike will ‘collapse’ supply chains, Ford chair warns

    October 18, 2023 // “This should not be Ford versusthe UAW,” Ford said. “This should be Ford and the UAW versus Toyota, Honda, Tesla, and all the Chinese companies that want to enter our home market. Toyota, Honda, Tesla and the others are loving this strike because they know the longer it goes on, the better it is for them. They will win and all of us will lose.” UAW President Shawn Fain disagreed with Ford’s framing. “It’s not the UAW and Ford against foreign automakers,” Ford said, in remarks published by Detroit News reporter Jordan Grzelewski. “It’s autoworkers everywhere against corporate greed.” Ford warned that an extended strike would challenge supply chains not only at the automaker, but throughout the economy.

    Billionaire investor slams President Biden for his UAW union support

    October 5, 2023 // Barry Sternlicht, CEO of investment fund Starwood Capital, sees Biden's support of the UAW as counterproductive to his fight against inflation. "The UAW is on strike, they're asking for 40% wage increases. What's wrong with the Biden administration, why is he so unpopular? It's inflation. It's the economy. People have less in their pockets," Sternlicht told CNBC Friday. "But now he is backing unions who are forcing wages up, which is creating the inflation that he has to kill."

    Nextracker Plans 200 New Jobs for Right to Work Nevada

    October 4, 2023 // Nextracker has plans to create 200 new jobs soon in Right to Work Las Vegas, Nevada. This comes as a result of a new manufacturing facility they will be adding here.

    Longtime Union Leader Steps Fully Into Hollywood’s Spotlight

    October 2, 2023 // The dual strikes have been devastating financially, with more than 100,000 behind-the-scenes workers like location scouts, makeup artists and lighting technicians out of work. The California economy has lost an estimated $5 billion. Major studios like Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount Global have seen their stock prices drop. Analysts have estimated that the global box office will lose as much as $1.6 billion in ticket sales because of movies whose releases were pushed back to next year. Mr. Crabtree-Ireland joined SAG-AFTRA in 2000, a Georgetown graduate with a law degree from the University of California, Davis, who spent the first two years of his career in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. He rose quickly at the union, first to general counsel, then adding chief operating officer to his title. In 2021, he was named national executive director and chief negotiator, a job that pays $989,700 annually.

    CJ Foodville is Coming to Right to Work Georgia

    September 29, 2023 // CJ Foodville is establishing a new location soon in Right to Work Gainesville, Georgia. This will serve as a food processing facility and bakery. In order to cover the costs, the company is investing $47 million toward the project. They will also create 285 new jobs. So this will be an excellent addition to Hall County!