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    UPS plans to lay off some of its controversial weekend drivers, union reps say, as delivery companies downsize for post-pandemic life

    February 14, 2023 // The affected position, according to the union, is the "22.4" driver, named for the section of the contract that created the position. These drivers work Tuesday through Saturday and top out at $30.64 per hour, while regular drivers can reach $42. The Teamsters see these drivers as "second class" and now regret that the position was approved in their controversial 2018 contract. Under the existing contract, affected drivers have the right to work from another location or work two weekly shifts handling packages inside UPS buildings instead of driving, and no so-called Regular Package Drivers can be laid off before a 22.4 driver, according to the 804's post. A UPS spokesperson said the company is shifting its capacity to respond to customer demand.

    FP SCOTUS Predictions: Will the Supreme Court Make it Easier to Hold Unions Liable for Strike Misconduct?

    February 2, 2023 // The NLRA protects concerted activities for “mutual aid or protection” and expressly preserves the right to strike. As a Constitutional principle, the NLRA preempts state law claims based on “arguably protected” conduct. However, violence and deliberate efforts to damage property are not protected activity. Under SCOTUS’s established Garmon doctrine, the NLRB must first review any case when employees engage in activity arguably protected by the NLRA. The rationale is that the agency, with its specialized knowledge and experience with labor-management disputes, is better equipped than the judiciary to determine whether activity is within the parameters of, or contrary to, the NLRA. If the Board finds the union’s action is protected, state courts are left without jurisdiction over the matter. However, if the Board finds the NLRA does not protect the conduct, the employer may file a state lawsuit against the union to recover damages.

    Accusations fly as concrete worker union claims companies are using ‘ghost trucks’

    March 2, 2022 // The accusations ratcheted up over the weekend as well. The union put out an 11-page document suggesting the companies are using unsafe, third-party drivers that are putting the public at risk.

    Ongoing concrete union strike snarls projects, including light rail expansion

    January 29, 2022 // An ongoing strike of concrete truckers and drivers is slowing down or stopping major projects in the Seattle region, including the light rail expansion, resulting in hundreds of layoffs. Ongoing concrete union strike snarls projects, including light rail expansion.