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    And Now the Union Would Like a Word in Private-Under Janus, government workers don’t have to join or pay. But behind closed doors it’s hard to say no

    September 13, 2022 // Four years after Janus, plenty of government employers haven’t explained to workers that union membership is not a condition of employment. Some employee handbooks still say workers must pay the union to keep their jobs. And many—if not most—public employees don’t know that a contract negotiated by the union applies to them whether they pay dues or not. Government-worker unions enjoy outsize influence over government. Governors, mayors, county executives and school superintendents facing demands for private access to their employees must remember how the unions wound up with the privileges that make them so powerful.

    AFT Convention Seemed More Transparent Than NEA’s. But Looks Can Be Deceiving

    July 22, 2022 // The American Federation of Teachers held its biennial convention in Boston last week. Unlike the NEA Representative Assembly, delegates met entirely in person and the union was more than happy to post its proposed resolutions and other documents online. More transparency doesn’t necessarily mean more honesty, though. A lot of what the AFT Convention produces requires elaboration, footnotes, context and filling in the gaps. battleground state poll AFT commissioned from Hart Research Associates. The main takeaway was that likely voters trusted Republicans slightly more on education issues than they did Democrats. Republicans

    Build a Charter School, Get Sued by the Teachers Union

    July 19, 2022 // If you’re in search of proof that lecturers unions don’t care in regards to the pursuits of schoolchildren, you will discover it within the impoverished Bronx neighborhood of Soundview. A college constructing on Beach Avenue has been shuttered for nearly a decade, and the United Federation of Teachers is suing to maintain it closed. On Aug. 22, a brand new constitution highschool, Vertex Academies, will start lessons right here. In the native faculty district, solely 7% of scholars who enter ninth grade are prepared for school 4 years later. For black college students, the determine is 4%. The new faculty guarantees to ship “a high-quality education to 150 minority students from low-income backgrounds” in its first yr, says founding principal Joyanet Mangual. Justice Sotomayor, Public Prep, lottery, State University of New York, Jay Lefkowitz, Kirkland & Ellis, Milken Institute in California, Brooklyn Tech, Arthur Andersen, framework of family, religion, education and entrepreneurship, New York City Charter School Center, International Baccalaureate, Catholic faculties, Vertex, New York University Law School’s Classical Liberal Institute

    Teachers Union Sues To Keep School Closed

    July 14, 2022 // Vertex expects to serve overwhelmingly low-income, minority families in the Bronx, and it plans to provide every student—not just the top students—with an International Baccalaureate education, a rigorous educational program that prepares students for challenging career and post-secondary options. But Vertex’s status is in question, because the United Federation of Teachers is suing to prevent the school from opening in August. Vertex Academies, New York law, Tunku Varadarajan,