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    Planned Parenthood affiliate fires two union leaders, disciplines entire bargaining team

    April 3, 2023 // The discipline stems from an allegation that confidential information about the organization was shared in the union’s private group chat. Planned Parenthood managers apparently obtained a copy of the union’s private group chat. The workers’ alleged breach of confidentiality had nothing to do with patient data, but rather about a previous employee’s termination and an effort by management to limit workers wearing union T-shirts on the job. The violations happened months ago, and the union hoped to keep the inner turmoil under wraps to avoid embroiling a revered progressive institution in a public spectacle when it’s confronting new abortion restrictions across the country.

    California union demands 43% raises, rejects Gavin Newsom’s ‘pitiful’ contract offer

    February 6, 2023 // Although it’s rare for state employee unions to reject tentative agreements , the state scientists also rejected a proposed offer from the Brown administration in 2014. As members considered the most recent contract proposal, an anonymous website popped up criticizing California Gov. Gavin Newsom and telling members: “Reject the state’s pitiful offer. Vote no!” The union has argued its environmental scientists are grossly underpaid when compared with state engineers who do much of the same work but have benefited from larger pay increases. The scientists also have condemned leaders at the CalHR for including management and supervisor pay when calculating the average pay of workers in their unit.

    Dissension brews among striking UC union members over tentative agreement

    December 19, 2022 // Freund said graduate students have leverage to fight for more gains by withholding their work grading final exams and assignments. Whatever dissent has surfaced among members of the bargaining team, leaders say the democratic process will be on full display this week. “We have a very large and diverse union with 36,000 people,” Jaime said. “It’ll be up to each individual member to decide how to vote on this contract.”