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    Op-Ed: Ford in bed with UAW over card check campaign

    June 13, 2022 // The UAW with its years-long federal corruption trial is desperate for new members and revenue, and eagerly awaits a card check campaign. As we know in Michigan, once the UAW becomes embedded into a facility, they will never allow a recertification vote or any attempt by workers to decertify. Once voted in, workers are stuck with the UAW for generations to come. It will simply be forced upon them as a condition of employment. Over the last couple of decades, autoworkers in the South – when granted their right to a secret ballot – have demonstrated time after time that they are not interested in what the UAW has to offer. Those 11,000 future autoworkers in Kentucky and Tennessee deserve those same rights, freedoms, and protections

    Future Ford megasite workers deserve protection of their right to a private union vote

    January 18, 2022 // Tennessee workers are fortunate to live in a right-to-work state where they cannot be forced to pay dues to a union. But even with right-to-work, employees and job creators are still susceptible to union intimidation and deception that can come with card check organizing.

    Will the Starbucks union victories ignite organizing across the country?

    January 17, 2022 // All this activism could simply evaporate — just another false dawn for unions — but it's also possible that we're at the dawn of a new era, one in which the working underclass is drawn, like the industrial workers of the 1930s, into the mainstream and the labor movement is empowered. But does being unionized then become just one more attribute of being a barista? Or does union success at Starbucks signal a nationwide organizing wave across the low-wage service sector? 2022 might just be the year we see the beginnings of a new American labor movement.

    Future Ford megasite workers deserve protection of their right to a private vote

    January 25, 2022 // With 5,800 much-needed jobs on the way, Tennessee has many reasons to be excited about Ford’s $5.6 billion electric truck and battery facility coming to Haywood County. But there is one key step in which the state could have better protected workers before greenlighting nearly $900 million in incentives to open the facility.