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    Electronic voting means more attacks on worker privacy

    July 18, 2022 // Most employers do request an election because cards are notoriously unreliable, as shown by studies, congressional testimony, and even admissions from union organizers. Too often, workers are deceived or intimidated into signing cards. At other times, workers who don’t want a union will sign a card just to get the organizer to go away. The NLRB has failed to protect employees who have been threatened during a card-check campaign. In one case, the NLRB held that because an employee soliciting signatures was not working directly for a union it was all right that the “card solicitor allegedly stated that the employee had better sign a card because if she did not, the union would come and get her children and it would also slash her car tires.”

    President Biden Sides Against Union Rank-and-File

    April 18, 2022 // Of course, siding against workers is not the best look politically. Neither is shutting down transparency. The Biden Administration understandably rolled back the transparency regulation very quietly. Biden’s Labor Department killed the rule without fanfare on December 30 — the day before the New Year’s Eve holiday, when most union members and the press enjoyed Christmas vacations.