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    Blacklisting Federal Contractors

    May 4, 2022 // Congressional Democrats have taken a renewed interest in resurrecting a failed Obama-era executive order, “Fair Pay and Safe Workplace (EO 13672),” also known as “Blacklisting.” The stated goal of the Blacklisting executive order, and subsequent regulations, was to promote efficiency in government procurement by ensuring federal agencies contract only with “responsible” contractors who comply with federal and state workplace laws.

    Elon Musk Has New Slogan for Union That May Annoy Joe Biden

    April 2, 2022 // "No, UAW does that," Musk responded. "They want divisiveness & enforcement of 2 class “lords & commoners” system. That sucks. US fought War of Independence to get *rid* of a 2 class system! Managers & workers shd be equal w easy movement either way. Managing sucks btw. Hate doing it so much."