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    Why the Obama era ‘car czar’ thinks striking autoworkers risk overplaying their hand

    October 3, 2023 // Because you have to put the whole thing in context. GM and Ford and Chrysler are doing quite well at the moment. They have cash, they have profits, they have the ability to pay them more, but they also have to compete against other companies. And in the South, you have companies like Toyota and Honda that don't have unions at all. In Mexico, you have workers making literally $9 or $10 a day and are very productive, according to what auto executives tell me. And so, if the Detroit companies have an excessively high burden of wage costs, or fringe benefit costs, then they can't compete. They lose car sales. Ultimately, the workers lose jobs and the jobs move to these other places.

    Opinion: Biden says he’s most pro-union president ever. But his policies hurt striking UAW workers

    October 2, 2023 // Unfortunately, UAW leadership continues to advocate for their own best interests. Those who have worked in the auto industry know that negotiations must walk a fine line. If the Big Three have to file for bankruptcy protection, as General Motors and Chrysler did in 2009, all autoworkers are in a much more precarious position. UAW leadership has a responsibility to preserve their members’ jobs − securing raises that will improve their members’ standards of living, but that are not so excessive they threaten workers’ long-term job security. Moving forward, UAW leadership should target the real problem: Bidenomics. The UAW supported Biden in 2020 and enthusiastically endorsed his Inflation Reduction Act, despite the fact that it included electric vehicle subsidies that are accelerating the elimination of union jobs.

    Organized Labor Is Causing ‘Union Joe’ Biden A Lot Of Headaches

    July 28, 2023 // “Biden likes to look pro-union, he’ll turn on those running the unions when it’s politically advantageous—as it was during the railway strike,” David Osborne, fellow at the Institute for the American Worker, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Union executives rarely take issue with it, because doing so would threaten their own political celebrity. Unfortunately, rank-and-file employees are caught in the middle, and they’re the ones with the most to lose when negotiations break down or workers go on strike. The rank-and-file workers will blame Biden, but because they represent such a small percentage of the electorate—and their union executives will endorse Biden anyway—Biden won’t know about it and won’t care.”

    A big clash is coming for Detroit’s Big 3 automakers as their workers’ union gears up for another round of contentious negotiations

    July 27, 2023 // "We have to be able to do whatever we have to do if you want to have these gains. The companies aren't going to freely give it," Fain said in June. Escalating tactics at the UAW predate Fain. In 2019, at the height of the union's corruption scandal, the UAW initiated a 40-day strike at GM's more than 30 US factories. The work stoppage helped the union notch wins on wages and job security, even as the company won the ability to close several factories. In the end, GM lost some $3.6 billion due to the strike. The union, which also covers workers in other industrial industries and some academic institutions, has also had high-profile work stoppages at John Deere in 2021 and the University of California in 2022. Fain has said he is not ruling out a strike in this round of talks, potentially at more than one company.

    Op-Ed: Sherk: Proposed EV mandate will cost thousands of jobs

    July 18, 2023 // he America First Policy Institute used Bureau of Labor Statistics data to estimate how many auto-manufacturing jobs the Biden Administration’s proposed EV mandate would cost. Our model produces estimates similar to prior studies for less-aggressive EV targets. The model finds that this stricter mandate — pushing EVs to two-thirds of U.S. vehicle sales — would eliminate about 120,000 auto-manufacturing jobs. Those job losses would be concentrated in the Midwest. Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio are the heartland of U.S. automobile production. These three states account for more than two-fifths of U.S. auto workers. As Lawrence Burns, the former VP for Research and Development at General Motors, has explained, the EV-induced “employment ramifications for states like Michigan and regions like southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio are really going to be a big deal.”

    Auto workers union and Sanders blast GM for wages at U.S. battery plant

    May 2, 2023 // United Auto Workers (UAW) union President Shawn Fain and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on Thursday criticized a General Motors joint venture battery plant for paying workers much less than assembly plant employees even though it benefits from hefty U.S. government tax credits. Workers at the Warren, Ohio, joint venture Ultium Cells LLC plant start at $16.50 an hour rising to $20 an hour after seven years while union workers at a nearby Ohio GM assembly plant that closed in 2019 made $32 an hour or more.

    This Labor Day, let’s ensure that individual workers are empowered, too

    September 3, 2022 // Unions should be accountable to their members and remain so. Congress should make right to work laws the standard nationally. It should require unions to make their finances public and periodically hold re-certification votes to ensure they retain their members’ support and transparent elections for leadership. If a union and the workers it represents are in harmony, then none of these reforms will hamper the union—and may even help it. They only become a factor if those same workers want to hold their union accountable. Who has a problem with that?

    UAW, more than 60 workers at non-union automakers eye organizing push

    June 28, 2022 // Amid a nationwide surge in worker momentum and public support for unions, the United Auto Workers is making a renewed push to build on-the-ground interest in organizing non-unionized auto plants. More than 60 workers at 10 automakers that don't have contracts with the UAW met late last month in Birmingham, Alabama, to discuss how to organize plants across the country, UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada told The Detroit News. Steve Cochran, Susan Schurman,

    President Biden Sides Against Union Rank-and-File

    April 18, 2022 // Of course, siding against workers is not the best look politically. Neither is shutting down transparency. The Biden Administration understandably rolled back the transparency regulation very quietly. Biden’s Labor Department killed the rule without fanfare on December 30 — the day before the New Year’s Eve holiday, when most union members and the press enjoyed Christmas vacations.