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    Forest Lake bus drivers union files strike notice

    April 24, 2023 // Bus drivers and aides declined a contract offer from the school district on Friday and authorized Teamsters Local 320 to file its strike with the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services. The union said its members rejected the offer due to many unfilled driver positions resulting in the combining or canceling of routes, excessive wait times for students and unpaid hours between routes.

    Nevada: Labor unions push back on proposal to allow licensure reciprocity for nurses

    April 10, 2023 // But the compact faces strong resistance from labor unions affiliated with the AFL-CIO that say joining the compact benefits hospitals over workers, undermines collective bargaining, and fails to address bigger problems like patient-to-nurse ratios. “We need to be discussing working conditions,” said Grace Vergara-Mactal, executive director of SEIU 1107, which represents more than 8,000 nurses and health care workers in Nevada. “Right now the grueling working conditions of nurses is the number one barrier to addressing the nursing shortage. Often our health care members are working 12 to 14 hours a day and seeing 10 patients an hour.” AB 108 is not the only compact bill being considered by the legislature this session. Assembly Bill 158 would have Nevada join an emergency medical services (EMS) compact, Senate Bill 97 would have Nevada join a physical therapist (PT) compact, and Senate Bill 442 would have Nevada join a teachers compact.

    Columbus teachers’ union votes to authorize 10-day strike notice| What we know

    August 9, 2022 // The union is asking for smaller class sizes; full-time art, music and physical education teachers; functioning heating and cooling systems in schools; more planning time for teachers; a cap on the number of class periods in the day; and "other working conditions that recruit and retain the best educators for out students."

    Columbus teachers union threaten 10-day strike amid contract negotiations

    July 29, 2022 // The CEA has called a meeting of its general membership on Aug. 4. If the board refuses to schedule negotiation dates in August, membership will vote to recommend authorization of the issuance of a 10-day strike notice. Jessica O'Donnell, a CCS parent said tax breaks for developers are also an issue. "That's money that should be going toward the schools is giving developers write-offs or reasons to come to Columbus. which isn't putting money toward our schools, and if they were, maybe my kid would have heat during the winter or not be sitting in a classroom that's 105," she said. Columbus City Schools, Regina Fuentes, John Coneglio, federal ESSER funds to update HVAC systems,

    Stanford, Packard nurses greenlight strike

    April 11, 2022 // In an April 8 news release, the Committee for Recognition of Nursing Achievement said more than 4,500 nurses at Stanford and Packard, or 93 percent of all nurses eligible, voted in favor of strike authorization. They are calling on hospital management to adequately address staffing, citing consistent overtime and nurses' complaints of inadequate resources, training or staff. They also seek improved access to mental health counseling, as well as competitive wages and benefits.