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    Yale Union Election Is Latest Move in Campus Labor Renaissance

    December 5, 2022 // Unite Here Local 33 previously won a set of elections to represent several Yale academic departments as separate bargaining units before pulling the petitions to avoid the Trump board ruling on the university’s appeal. The union was able to move quickly to an election following the flip of partisan control at the NLRB. The in-person voting will take place a little over a month after the union filed its Oct. 24 representation petition.

    On strike: Clark University graduate workers walk out

    October 7, 2022 // Less than a month after voting to authorize a strike, the union has had one bargaining meeting, during which, the union said, the university made it clear it would not be open to substantive negotiations. “We are campaigning for a contract that guarantees financial security and access to health care,” said William Westgard-Cruice, a Ph.D. candidate and member of the union organizing committee. "We believe that the administration will have to come to the table." The university and the union have reached tentative agreements in three of four broad categories, the university said, including management and union rights, appointments and work assignments, and discipline and grievance processes.