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    Bustle Staff Still Working Without a Contract 2 Years After Unionizing

    October 25, 2022 // BDG, whose portfolio that includes Bustle, Mic, Inverse and Elite Daily, announced that it would voluntarily recognize BDG Union and enter bargaining talks in November 2020. Insiders with knowledge of the contract talks told TheWrap that negotiations immediately hit a snag because of the nature of BDG’s sites, whose editorial staff is filled with part-time and hourly writers. While the WGAE’s team of 30 committee members had been designed to reflect the part-time-heavy nature of these sites as well as the diversity of the new bargaining unit, BDG management initially said that negotiation meetings could not last longer than an hour if part-timers were involved, a provision that the union contested.

    Union-backed Activists Push $15 In New Report, But Restaurant Workers Still Don’t Agree

    April 11, 2022 // The report itself calls for a “universal $15 minimum wage.” But actual tipped restaurant employees disagree with this policy – and actively oppose movements to eliminate local, state, and federal tip credits. Why?