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    U.S. labor strikes went up almost 50% between 2021 and 2022

    January 18, 2023 // Union membership and strike activity has fallen in the decades since King’s death. But more recently, that has been changing. The number of strikes in the United States rose almost 50% between 2021 and 2022, according to Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. That pickup in activity has momentum.

    Worker strikes and union elections surged in 2022 – could it mark a turning point for organized labor?

    January 10, 2023 // The increase in strike activity is also important. And while the major strikes that involve 1,000 or more employees and are tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics arouse the greatest attention, they represent only the tip of the iceberg. The bureau recorded 20 major strikes in 2022, which is about 25% more than the average of 16 a year over the past two decades.

    Opinion: Liberate markets to help workers succeed

    January 10, 2023 // From educational services and child care to transportation, housing, and health care, the Cato team offers sensible reforms that either eliminate barriers to opportunity or make it easier for individuals to spend public dollars in the way most likely to meet their particular needs. As Lincicome observes in the book’s conclusion, our political debate is filled with supposedly “pro-worker” proposals that are based on faulty assumptions about the past, present, and future of the American workplace. Far too many politicians think of workers as “helpless and in need of government protection from cradle to grave, despite the long‐​term harms that such policies inflict on these very same workers and the economy more broadly,” he writes. “By contrast, pro‐​market policies that respect the individual agency and ability of all workers would allow them to pursue their unique hopes and dreams in a more dynamic, diverse, and high‐​wage economy—and to adjust to whatever comes next.”

    Union wins made big news this year. Here are 5 reasons why it’s not the full story

    December 29, 2022 // Spirited union campaigns at coffeehouses, on university campuses and at companies such as Starbucks and REI that have long positioned themselves as progressive have brought a new generation of workers into labor's fold. Whether they stay will likely depend on their career prospects in other fields and how they fare in collective bargaining.

    $11 billion was stolen from taxpayers in a massive fraud — will officials just ignore it?

    November 28, 2022 // The Labor Department repeatedly blamed identity theft for its fraud problems — but the audit revealed it didn’t implement a system that could meaningfully curb identify theft until February 2021. Labor Department officials still can’t say how many fraudulent claims were paid or how long it took to detect them. Audits revealing incompetence and bad decisions aren’t uncommon. But DiNapoli’s team, to its lasting credit, found something worse: Labor Department officials had gone rogue, repeatedly misleading legislators and the public. When Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon addressed lawmakers in January 2022, she said the department had “prevented over $36 billion from falling into the hands of criminals.” Auditors, however, found that claim couldn’t be substantiated.

    Unions shifting to low-risk short strikes for workers to flex leverage during labor shortage

    October 20, 2022 // Of the 302 strikes within the U.S. to this point this yr, 141 of the walkouts, or 47%, have lasted a day or much less, in keeping with the labor-action tracker at Cornell College’s Industrial Labor Relations Faculty. Solely 41 strikes, or 13%, have lasted 30 days or extra. By means of the identical interval in 2021, there have been 53 strikes of a day or much less out of a complete of 172 walkouts, or 31%. Brief-term walkouts restrict the danger that employers will rent everlasting replacements for aggrieved employees, stated Catherine Creighton, director of Cornell’s ILR Buffalo Co-Lab. “It’s positively a danger that workers face after they go on a long-term strike,” stated Ms. Creighton, who additionally has labored as a labor-relations lawyer. “It’s been discovered that in a short-term strike, you’re getting your message out to the employer otherwise you’re letting them know you imply enterprise. However you’re not essentially placing your job in danger.”

    Unemployment is at another historic low but 72,000 workers are still missing from the workforce

    August 1, 2022 // Minnesota is not doing too well when compared to its neighbors either — with the exception of Iowa. Wisconsin and South Dakota have all recovered their pre-pandemic workforce. North Dakota’s workforce is only 0.3 percentage points smaller. Yes, Minnesota’s unemployment rate is very low. But our shrunken workforce is no reason to celebrate. The fact that our labor force participation rate is still not budging should be a reason for concern. Department of Employment and Economic Development, DEED Commissioner Steve Grove,

    Op-Ed: Standing up when my union let me down

    July 19, 2022 // Soon, I found out that one PennDOT crew in the county kept working and avoided my agonizing decision. This crew included the union president, his relatives, and other union officials – all men. Some of them had less seniority than me. I was stunned. I never questioned whether the union would honor seniority rights. It’s written into our contract. I could – should – have been working on that crew instead of burning through my PTO. Mindy McFetridge is a PennDOT transportation equipment operator in Venango County and is the recipient of a PennDOT Workplace Hero award.

    Opinion: Apprenticeships, Not College, Can Help Reduce Unemployment

    June 25, 2022 // We estimate that the entirety of our current employment gap is driven by people without children under 18 at home and most predominantly by young adults. While total employment is down 0.28% since the start of the pandemic, employment among 20- to 24-year-olds is down 3.7%. Claudia Goldin, Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, employment gap, Huntsville, Alabama, National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, Pathways, Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs, IRAP model,