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    Some of California’s best-paid public employees say they’re ready to strike. Here’s why

    August 7, 2023 // Some of California’s highest-paid public employees are in an intensifying labor battle with the Newsom administration over staffing shortages at state prisons and hospitals that workers say endanger patients and staff. The union representing doctors and psychiatrists working in California correctional facilities said that 91% of voting members authorized a strike Monday. Non-competitive salaries, strenuous working conditions and an overreliance on higher-paid contracted doctors, make it difficult to hire staff physicians, said Dr. Stuart Bussey, president of the umbrella Union of American Physicians and Dentists.

    Hunter Tower: Is Pittsburgh a blueprint for other union-dominated blue cities?

    May 1, 2023 // SEIU leaders now hold key posts in Gainey’s administration. Silas Russell, SEIU Healthcare executive vice president and political director, co-chaired Gainey’s transition team. Maria Montano, former SEIU Healthcare communications director, is now Gainey’s press secretary. And Lisa Frank, former SEIU vice president and director of strategic communications, is now the city of Pittsburgh’s chief operating officer. Emails uncovered through right-to-know requests by CBS Pittsburgh reveal that Russell provided the mayor with union-generated talking points ahead of a meeting last year with UPMC officials.

    Railroad workers aren’t the only Americans without paid sick days

    December 2, 2022 // While the vast majority of union members have paid sick days, the freight railroad workers do not. Among other demands, they have been threatening to strike in order to get paid sick days that are not in the current contracts. The railroads say that workers can use personal time if they need a sick day. But the unions argue that with current staffing levels and scheduling rules, it’s difficult for workers to have personal days approved, and they are likely to be penalized or even fired if they call in sick anyway.

    Construction and Taxpayer Coalitions Opposes Biden’s Pro-Project Labor Agreement Proposal

    October 21, 2022 // “The proposal will injure competition and increase costs on taxpayer-funded construction contracts included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 and other measures passed by Congress that fund public works contracts without government-mandated PLA requirements or PLA preferences. The coalition’s website,, features a grassroots campaign and a number of educational resources such as studies, op-eds, letters, talking points and a social media kit exposing problems with government-mandated PLAs and the Biden administration’s policies promoting anti-competitive and inflationary PLA schemes. The letter was signed by the following organizations: American Concrete Pumping Association American Fire Sprinkler Association American Pipeline Contractors Association American Road & Transportation Builders Association Associated Builders and Contractors Business Coalition for Fair Competition Construction Industry Round Table HR Policy Association Independent Electrical Contractors National Association of Home Builders National Black Chamber of Commerce National Federation of Independent Business National Precast Concrete Association National Ready Mixed Concrete Association National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association National Utility Contractors Association Plastics Pipe Institute Power and Communication Contractors Association Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Security Industry Association Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    Media employees face no consequences for ignoring return-to-office requests — yet

    October 7, 2022 // The rigidity of media companies’ return-to-office policies range from encouragement to straight-up mandates. But across the board, employees and union members Digiday spoke with at Dotdash Meredith, Hearst, NBC News, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal said they have not heard of anyone who has had to deal with disciplinary actions for continuing to work from home. (Notably, all of these newsrooms are unionized.)

    ‘She’s an arsonist pretending to be a firefighter.’ Critics say newly re-elected AFT head’s agenda is destroying education as she steers $12m to Dems and encourages beliefs like white teachers ‘spirit murder’ minority kids

    August 1, 2022 // A glance at the AFT's spending under Weingarten's leadership is enough to eradicate any notion of political or ideological neutrality. Since she assumed leadership in 2008 the power of the union coffers has been harnessed and used almost entirely in the interests of the Democrats. In 2008 the union spent $2.6million on campaign contributions with 10 percent of that going to Republicans. Tiffany Justice, parental rights activist, Weingarten earns $534,240, eight times the average teacher's salary, Moms for Liberty, Daniel Buck, Chalkboard Review, Social and Emotional Learning, Stanford University professor Terry Moe,

    Randi Weingarten’s Teachers Union Commissioned a Poll on Education. She Won’t Like the Results. Op-ed

    July 22, 2022 // NEW POLL for Randi Weingarten’s teachers union: "In general, do you have more confidence in the Democrats or in the Republicans to deal with education issues?" Democrats: 38% Republicans: 39% Same: 9% Neither: 14% Newsom, schools non-essential, Ron DeSantis, education policy,

    Rep. Good Introduces the Small Businesses Before Bureaucrats Act

    May 24, 2022 // “The Small Businesses Before Bureaucrats Act brings much needed updates to federal labor law. Congressman Good should be applauded for bringing the NLRB’s jurisdiction back to the levels Congress intended. With inflation rampant and prices skyrocketing, it is absurd that these standards have not been updated since the 1950s. The modernization of NLRB’s thresholds will protect small businesses in Virginia and across the country from what many see as a partisan Board seeking to put union interest above workers and job creators.” – F. Vincent Vernuccio, President of Institute for the American Worker

    OPINION JEDYNAK: Helping Women Thrive Post-COVID

    March 27, 2022 // As our nation recovers from COVID-19 and sees a return to normalcy, it is important to support women and ensure we all have meaningful career choices and affordable childcare and can be financially secure against rising inflation. Congress’ current proposals would reduce the choices available to women and hinder our ability to use our talents in the labor force. We know best how to care for our family and professional lives — not the government. Americans should reject these heavy-handed measures in favor of promoting freedom and opportunity.