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    Opinion: American workers face war on right to earn a living

    May 16, 2023 // The war on independent work harms the most vulnerable in society. We’ve seen it play out in California, with countless stories of livelihoods destroyed. It is no surprise, then, that hundreds of economists, as well as the California NAACP, Black Chamber of Commerce, and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce opposed efforts to limit independent work. With an estimated 50 percent of the nation’s Latino community and 40 percent of the black community engaged in independent work, a national effort to limit these arrangements could put at risk the livelihoods and net income of 20 million workers from these communities.

    Foxx, Keller Slam DOL’s Proposed Davis-Bacon Rule Change

    May 18, 2022 // “We are concerned that the proposed rule does nothing to modernize the Davis-Bacon regulations and fails to address existing and longstanding criticisms of the Department’s unscientific wage survey process. The proposed rule instead reverts to a decades-old definition of prevailing wage to reward the administration’s Big Labor allies. It will increase inflation, harm taxpayers, diminish the number of infrastructure projects, and hurt small businesses. We agree the Davis-Bacon regulations have long needed updating, but this proposed rule completely misses the mark.”

    Wage Theft Prevention and Wage Theft Recovery Backgrounder

    May 18, 2022 // “Unfortunately, even if H.R. 7701 is well intended, this legislation applies heavy-handed stipulations, stifling costs, is an unwarranted expansion of DOL powers, and grants government policing powers to special interest groups like unions. It would do more to undermine American workers and businesses than it could ever do to address legitimate instances of improper wages and payments.”