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    Electric Vehicle Factories Are Overwhelmingly Nonunion. The UAW Strike Could Change That.

    September 20, 2023 // Nonunion companies are also getting in on the EV facility boomlet. Tesla plans to expand to a lithium refinery in Texas and produce battery cells, packs, and modules in California and Texas. Other companies investing in battery plants include BMW (South Carolina), Honda (Ohio), Hyundai (Georgia), Mercedes-Benz (Alabama), Toyota (North Carolina), Volkswagen (Ontario, Canada), and Volvo (South Carolina). The construction boom continues in nonunion plants. A variety of battery manufacturers are building new facilities, too. These include the Japanese company AESC (Tennessee, Kentucky, and South Carolina), the Chinese-owned Gotion (Michigan), South Korea’s LG Energy Solution (Arizona and Michigan) the start-up Our Next Energy (Michigan), Japanese-owned Panasonic (Kansas), South Korean SK Battery America (Georgia), and Redwood Materials, a recycling company (Nevada and South Carolina).

    As Auto Strike Looms, Biden Admin Announces $15.5 Billion For Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

    September 6, 2023 // President Biden has a couple of problems. Electric vehicles aren’t flying off the lot. Autoworkers’ unions are mad at him for pushing EVs which could kill their jobs. So, what’s Biden’s administration’s solution to this two-tiered conundrum? To put it bluntly, he is now speeding up the delivery of $15.5 billion — courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers — to artificially hold up the market in hopes of appeasing his political allies.

    Biden administration offers $12B to convert auto factories into EV plants

    September 6, 2023 // The Energy Department said that both sets of funding announced Thursday will prioritize good working conditions, including facilities that pay high wages and commit to retaining or expanding collective bargaining agreements. However, there will be no specific requirements needed to get the funding, Betony Jones, the director of the office of energy jobs confirmed. That announcement comes as labor concerns bubble up in the transition to clean energy — with the United Auto Workers union accusing industry of using the transition to cut wages and pushing the Biden administration to do more about it. In a written statement, the union praised the administration’s announcement. “We are glad to see the Biden Administration doing its part to reject the false choice between a good job and a green job. This new policy makes clear to employers that the EV transition must include strong union partnerships with the high pay and safety standards that generations of UAW members have fought for and won,” union president Shawn Fain said in a written statement.

    We’ve Beaten Down the Union ‘Dues Skim’ in Michigan Again and Again

    August 11, 2022 // A few months later, Robert Haynes — a retired Detroit police officer — reached out to tell us that he and his wife Patricia were ensnarled in a similar scheme. Bob and Pat receive monthly Medicaid checks to take care of their two adult children. This dues skim resulted in an estimated 80,000 day care and home caregivers being forcibly unionized, with $35 million taken from their paychecks and given to unions. Harris v. Quinn, Bob and Pat Haynes,

    Energy secretary: US offshore wind jobs should be union jobs

    May 31, 2022 // Granholm said the administration is committed to creating “union jobs in America in this clean energy economy.” She said she wants predominantly American union workers to build U.S. offshore wind farms and would like to see project labor agreements in all aspects of the energy transition, drawing cheers from workers at the pier. “That’s what we’d like, all union,” she told The Associated Press.