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    We’ve Beaten Down the Union ‘Dues Skim’ in Michigan Again and Again

    August 11, 2022 // A few months later, Robert Haynes — a retired Detroit police officer — reached out to tell us that he and his wife Patricia were ensnarled in a similar scheme. Bob and Pat receive monthly Medicaid checks to take care of their two adult children. This dues skim resulted in an estimated 80,000 day care and home caregivers being forcibly unionized, with $35 million taken from their paychecks and given to unions. Harris v. Quinn, Bob and Pat Haynes,

    SEIU Healthcare Michigan is under trusteeship once again

    July 7, 2022 // Henry wrote in her letter that the current trusteeship is made necessary by “substantiated allegations of serious financial malpractice.” She said there is strong evidence that the Michigan local lacks internal financial controls and has inadequate accounting systems. The SEIU International president also says it is not clear whether leaders of SEIU Michigan Healthcare formally adopted a budget for the last three years. All the union’s officers, executive board members, trustees and representatives were removed from their positions, according to the letter. financial malpractice