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    Senate panel advances Biden Labor nominee Julie Su

    April 26, 2023 // “Today’s party-line vote is another reminder that Julie Su is no Marty Walsh, who advanced in a bipartisan 18-4 vote only two years ago,” said Michael Layman, a top lobbyist at the International Franchise Association, in a statement following Wednesday’s vote. The AFL-CIO is fighting back, running ads in Arizona and D.C. backing Su’s efforts to counter wage theft in California. The ads tell viewers that workers are “tired of getting ripped off by big corporations.” The labor federation is also mobilizing its members to lobby senators. “We’re going to defend Julie against these baseless corporate special interests attacks,” AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler told reporters last week. “Every senator, especially those that haven’t yet said that they’ll vote yes, needs to be aware of how much this confirmation means to working people’s lives.”

    Unions pour on support for Biden’s Labor pick amid confirmation worries

    April 24, 2023 // The AFL-CIO this week began rolling out a campaign to drum up support for Su, with an emphasis on getting local affiliates to lean on undecided senators and a six-figure ad buy running in Washington, D.C. and Arizona. The “Stand with Su” effort is a direct counterweight to some of the forces that have been lobbying against her — including the name choice, as one of the main anti-confirmation groups is called “Stand Against Su.” Administration officials are holding nightly “war room” calls with Su’s backers to discuss the game plan for the following day and to track developments, according to a White House official. The administration also holds 15 to 20 check-in calls per day across labor and business groups. Walsh has also been actively engaged in the process and advocating for Su with labor and business leaders and senators, according to an administration official.

    As IRS Swells, So Will Democrat Campaign Coffers

    April 17, 2023 // The IRS union PAC gave 100% of its PAC-to-PAC funding to Democrats in the 2022 cycle The IRS union PAC prioritized political donations to Democrats who happened to be in 2022 battleground races In fact, 95.83% of the IRS union PAC’s donations to federal candidates were steered to Democrats, including progressives

    Opinion: Let’s Continue to Fight for Freelancers

    February 24, 2023 // New Senate HELP Committee Chairman and avowed socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is eager to reintroduce the PRO Act in the chamber soon. The bill’s most recent version contained the following provisions: an ABC test that deems most workers employees and not independent contractors; a statute to abolish right-to-work; making union membership conditional for employment; and giving unions unfettered access to private worker information.