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    Starbucks Union Demands Company Bargain A National Contract

    May 24, 2023 // The company's insistence on separate contracts for more than 300 organized stores has made the process unworkable, union president says. Fox said Starbucks should agree to a broad contract that sets a national minimum wage, “fair scheduling” procedures, guaranteed minimum hours and an agreement for union elections moving forward, among other provisions. Regions and individual stores could then add supplemental agreements if they choose to. But Starbucks said Workers United should stick to negotiating individual contracts since the union has been organizing stores one by one.

    Union and Alaska Army Posts Resolve Differences Over Official Time and Illegal Contract, But Other Fights Remain

    May 22, 2023 // Management at three U.S. Army installations in Alaska this month agreed to unwind the unilateral imposition of Trump-era caps on official time as well as an entirely new contract for a pair of union locals representing civilian workers at the forts. But labor leaders bemoaned continued resistance to implementing President Biden’s executive orders rescinding Trump-era labor policies and mandating federal agencies establish a collaborative relationship with their unions.

    COMMENTARY: White House Swells Federal Union Ranks – But at What Cost

    May 18, 2023 // Using the estimated dues of the largest federal employee union as an example, the new union members for which the Biden administration is taking credit could represent between $37 million and $46 million in annual dues revenue. And as these employees are ushered through the union door, union officials and government agencies appear determined to slam it behind them. For employees who feel this arrangement violates their rights, litigation may be the only way out. In the past year, the Fairness Center, the public interest law firm of which I am president, has filed 36 matters on behalf of federal employees involving 16 unions and eight federal agencies.

    One of the first Starbucks to vote to unionize now is trying to oust the union

    May 5, 2023 // The store is down to 14 workers – 19 participated in the union vote – so about four of them would have to agree to file a decertification petition. But, in order for the union to be decertified, a majority of workers would have to vote that way.