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    Labor unions are hot, but their moment may not last | Los Angeles Times

    August 29, 2022 // About 1 in 10 American workers is in a labor union, down from a peak of more than 1 in 3 in the mid-1950s. Government workers are five times more likely than private-sector employees to be in a union. Yet even as experts acknowledge the newfound excitement around labor, they caution that unions, which have suffered decades of declining membership, are unlikely to turn the tide. Unions’ moment of opportunity could already be slipping away. Republicans are poised to gain seats in the November elections. And a potential recession could wipe away the rare leverage workers have held in the tight labor market that emerged in the wake of the pandemic. Jon Shelton, a labor historian at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

    SEIU Healthcare Michigan is under trusteeship once again

    July 7, 2022 // Henry wrote in her letter that the current trusteeship is made necessary by “substantiated allegations of serious financial malpractice.” She said there is strong evidence that the Michigan local lacks internal financial controls and has inadequate accounting systems. The SEIU International president also says it is not clear whether leaders of SEIU Michigan Healthcare formally adopted a budget for the last three years. All the union’s officers, executive board members, trustees and representatives were removed from their positions, according to the letter. financial malpractice

    CDC director spoke with several union leaders before tightening masking guidance, internal calendar reveals

    June 14, 2022 // Rochelle Walensky, other CDC officials kept in close contact with teachers unions throughout coronavirus pandemic Caitlin Sutherland, Americans for Public Trust, transparency, White House director of labor engagement, Becky Pringle, Jason McDonald, Republican lawmakers,

    Right to Work legal group seeks federal probe of Healthcare Michigan

    June 9, 2022 // "After someone with knowledge of the local reported potential financial malpractice at Healthcare Michigan, representatives of the International Union conducted a review of the local union's books and records and found information indicating abuse of the local union's loan and paid time off/earned vacation policy," according to the SEIU release quoted by MLive. Sinai-Grace workers’ first attempt to expel HCMI was blocked by the National Labor Review Board, but a second decertification petition has been filed and the NLRB will set dates for a vote “in the very near future.” Sinai-Grace, HCMI representation, emergency trusteeship, MLive, U.S. attorney of Michigan

    Big Labor is failing to meet the moment, advocates say

    April 15, 2022 // Institutional labor is out of touch, said one person familiar with the inner workings of the AFL-CIO who didn't want to publicly criticize their own organization. Too many union officers didn't start out as unionized workers — but instead rose through the ranks as staffers for the organization. "If you can't relate to the people you're representing, you're lost," the source said.