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    Michigan Democrats want to make it easier to give to unions (who give to Dems)

    May 24, 2023 // Democrats-backed legislation would allow unions to collect political contributions from members via payroll deduction The legislation would reverse restrictions put in place by Republicans Unions typically donate to Democrats and have given big to the party since it took control of Lansing this year. Public resources — such as fees associated with administering the deduction program — would also be allowed to be used for payroll deductions as long as unions reimburse the costs. Employers are already allowed to deduct income tax withholdings, Social Security, overpayments and more from employees’ wages and benefits under federal and state law. They can also deduct payments for health benefits and charitable donations with employee consent.

    The UAW lost members in Michigan last year

    April 6, 2023 // ccording to the UAW’s recently released federal LM-2 form, the international union went from 372,000 members in 2021 to 383,000 members in 2022. That’s an increase, but the number is still down from the 700,000-plus members the union had in 2001 and the 430,000 it had in 2016. The Michigan branch of the UAW declined by about 50 people last year, from 133,999 to 133,946. UAW-Michigan is down from 270,000 members in 2001 and 154,000 in 2016. These losses came even though, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in auto manufacturing in Michigan are up about 20,000 over the past decade. While there are more jobs in its core industry, UAW-Michigan lost more than 10,000 members during that time, likely thanks to workers exercising their right to get out of union membership under Michigan’s right-to-work law. The UAW has been dealing with massive corruption issues including convictions for federal crimes that sent many of its top leaders to prison in recent years.

    Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s to-do list: gun control, tax cuts, Right-to-Work repeal

    November 16, 2022 // Republicans and some leading business groups argue repealing the law would make Michigan less competitive in the global fight for automotive and other manufacturing jobs. Voters in Tennessee – where Ford is building a major electric vehicle manufacturing plant – last week voted to protect a Right-to-Work law by adding it to their state’s constitution.