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    MLBPA sends out union authorization cards in first step toward unionizing minor leaguers

    August 30, 2022 // Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, tweeted Monday: "I welcome this step by MLBPA." The union's rank and file was not informed of the plan, with multiple major league players telling ESPN they were surprised by the news that the MLBPA would potentially expand its membership by nearly five times. Tony Clark

    City New Flyer Workers Unionize

    August 25, 2022 // The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service verified that a majority of the workers signed union representation cards on Thursday, and New Flyer has agreed to recognize the union. IUE-CWA now represents more than 50 workers who make components for New Flyer buses, including electric buses. The workers join more than a thousand workers at two New Flyer facilities in St. Cloud and Crookston, Minn. who are represented by the union. New Flyer has a contract with the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority requiring that they manufacture in New York. New Flyer workers are currently building dozens of zero-emission, battery-electric buses that will be used in New York City. Carl Kennebrew, Erica Ericson,

    A union drive is underway at Amazon’s huge new Garner facility. Can workers win in NC? Read more at:

    August 10, 2022 // The Amazon distribution center in Garner is massive. Located a few miles southeast of downtown Raleigh, it covers 2 million square feet and houses multiple departments across four floors. The facility, known as RDU1, employs more than 4,000 people who work shifts spanning all hours of the day and night, seven days a week. It’s a colossal operation, and Mary Hill is one of the workers trying to unionize it all. A Raleigh resident, Hill is the co-founder of Carolina Amazonians United for Solidarity and Empowerment, or C.A.U.S.E., which she formed with her colleague Rev. Ryan Brown, a former pastor in western North Carolina. Carolina Amazonians United for Solidarity and Empowerment, Mary Hill, Tim Platt, Duke University School of Law,

    Too radical or not radical enough? US’s top labor lawyer in the spotlight

    August 8, 2022 // The top lawyer at the body charged with enforcing US labor law has been hailed as a champion by some and as a “radical” by her opponents. For others involved in the white-hot world of union organizing, she has not gone far enough. Abruzzo’s bona fides are clear. She has repeatedly urged the NLRB’s five-person board to adopt new policies that would make it easier to unionize. She wants the board to prohibit so-called captive audience meetings in which Amazon and many other companies require employees to listen to anti-union speeches from managers and consultants. She wants the board to require employers to grant union recognition once a majority of workers sign cards saying they want a union.

    One unionized. The other did not. How 2 Milwaukee cafés were changed by union drives

    July 8, 2022 // Most irritating to him is what he calls the red tape. The union contract dictates how much time he's allowed to spend behind the bar in his own café. And when he wants to make changes that affect the staff, such as extending store hours, he's supposed to negotiate it through the union, even after he's gotten the go ahead from everyone on his team. "I don't want an additional contract giving me rules," says Lucey. "That's why I quit my job and started my own job, because I wanted to do things my way." Eric Resch, Stone Creek Coffee, Kellie Lutz, Scott Lucey,

    Public employee First Amendment rights shouldn’t be a secret

    June 28, 2022 // Unions could earn the allegiance of public workers, giving those who want nothing to do with them a reason to keep giving them money. They could stop pursuing political agendas. In other words, they can become responsive to their members and make themselves attractive to potential members so that they earn voluntary membership — something every other private organization (and these unions are private organizations) must do. Constance Cooke, Office of Financial Management, paid leave law, overtime, rest and meal breaks

    Red Rock Casino Slot Technicians Overwhelmingly Request Vote to Remove IUOE Union

    March 22, 2022 // “Las Vegas union officials likely believe they can violate workers’ free choice rights without any consequences, as it seems ‘the union house always wins’ at NLRB Region 28,” observed National Right to Work Foundation President Mark Mix. “Mr. Barrios, Ms. Teske, and Mr. Stallings are standing up for themselves and their coworkers by opposing unpopular union bosses. Foundation attorneys will fight to make sure their voices are heard even though the deck may seem to be stacked against independent-minded workers.”