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    Commentary: New California Law Will Cripple Its $20 Billion Fast-Food Industry

    December 16, 2022 // California’s new law is in essence legislating away thousands of future jobs by preventing workers and employers from reaching employment agreements on their own terms. The law places failed union leadership above the interests of individuals who wish to work and business owners who wish to hire. And don’t be surprised if similar councils are formed in the future to organize workers in other industries. Unions are desperate for new recruits. After decades of losses, it appears that the only way that they can grow is by having legislators take away the freedoms that are crucial for individual prosperity and economic growth.

    Labor Dispute continues for union workers at WestRock paper mill

    December 13, 2022 // Workers gathered Saturday outside of the WestRock Mahrt Mill on Alabama Highway 165. They are continuing their efforts towards finding a resolution regarding contract negotiations. President of the Maintenance Local at WestRock Mahrt Mill, Les Phillips, says the labor dispute was never about compensation, but rather protecting language in their contract regarding overtime. Employees want protection for working unconventional hours. Three unions affiliated with the United Steelworkers — Local 971, Local 1471 which work with the trees, pulp and front end of the process; and Local 1972, which serves the maintenance workers – represent nearly 465 workers.

    ‘Tooning Out The News’ Animators Vote To Unionize With The Animation Guild

    October 3, 2022 // Animation workers at Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out the News have voted overwhelmingly to join The Animation Guild, IATSE Local 839. The animated comedy news program, which debuted in 2020, moves to Comedy Central next month. Its third season premieres October 5. “The organizing work done by the Tooning Out the News crew is a testament to the power of animation workers coming together to demand an end to unsustainable workplace practices and provide a collective voice on issues that directly impact them on the job,” the guild said. Key issues include “defining job roles and classifying workers accurately, addressing unrealistic schedules, paying overtime appropriately, improving health benefits, and establishing wage minimums to ensure a livable salary.”

    Restaurants move to stop new California fast food worker law

    September 19, 2022 // If it stands, the law will create a 10-member Fast Food Council with equal numbers of workers’ delegates and employers’ representatives, along with two state officials, who will be empowered to set minimum standards for wages, hours and working conditions in California. The law will raise consumer costs, isn't needed, and will create “a fractured economy” with different regulations for different types of restaurants, objected the coalition. The coalition is co-chaired by the International Franchise Association and the National Restaurant Association, but organizers said it includes small business owners, restaurateurs, franchisees, employees, consumers, and community-based organizations.

    Opinion: Lifting the Rock on Labor Union Corruption

    May 28, 2022 // Here’s how the scheme works: A public employee has money taken out of his or her paycheck and sent to a union representing their bargaining unit. The union, in turn, uses the money not only for collective bargaining activities, but also to fund radical political causes across California. When the employee finds out about it and objects, the union gives them the silent treatment or tells them to get lost