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    Ford lays off another 150 workers citing UAW strike

    October 20, 2023 // Ford Motor (F.N) said late on Wednesday it is laying off another 150 workers in Michigan because of the ongoing United Auto Workers strike, bringing the total to 2,730 workers furloughed. Ford said the UAW's walkout last week at its Kentucky Truck Plant prompted the new layoffs at a Michigan axle plant. Another 16,600 Ford employees are on strike at three assembly plants, including Kentucky Truck, the company's largest plant worldwide.

    Big Three automakers idle thousands of workers as UAW strike rages on

    October 4, 2023 // Ford Motor on Monday furloughed 330 workers in Chicago and Lima, Ohio, adding to the 600 workers the automaker laid off last month at an assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan. General Motors, which on Tuesday reported a 21% increase in sales for its third-quarter earnings, has laid off more than 2,100 workers across four states. Stellantis (the parent company of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram) has idled nearly 370 workers, Reuters reported, including 68 workers in Perrysburg, Ohio.

    Google lays off contractors who unionized last month

    July 17, 2023 // “Last week we received news that 80 of our nearly 120 recently unionized Google Help coworkers would be laid off,” said Julia Nagatsu Granstrom, Senior Writer and member of the Alphabet Workers Union- CWA. “We had exercised our right to organize as members of the Alphabet Workers Union-CWA in order to bring both Google and Accenture, a Google subcontractor, to the bargaining table to negotiate on several key demands, including layoff protections.” Nagatsu Granstrom describes the layoffs as “absolutely unacceptable,” given the timing of an active union campaign “with overwhelming support from workers.”

    New York Times to disband sports desk, reassign staffers, incorporate more The Athletic coverage

    July 10, 2023 // This is quite a dramatic move from the Times, affecting more than 35 journalists and editors in their sports section (to say nothing of the freelancers who have contributed there). And it ends a long and storied history of the paper’s own sports department, which includes 1896 Summer Olympics coverage, the since-1927 Sports of the Times column, four Pulitzer Prizes (won by columnists Red Smith, Arthur Daley and Dave Anderson and feature writer John Branch), and much more. It also comes after nearly 20 layoffs at The Athletic last month and discussion of a shift there to more national and less team beat coverage. And it comes with potential union tensions, as The Athletic is not unionized, while the Times itself is. The letter Sunday signed by nearly 30 Times sports staffers, as reported by Ben Strauss of The Washington Post, discussed the union issue and more

    Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs At Risk of Automation and AI Replacement in New Jersey

    March 1, 2023 // Several media and tech companies, including BuzzFeed and Microsoft, have already stated their intentions to use artificial intelligence to generate content and improve their products. And while BuzzFeed claims that AI will not impact the size of its workforce, the announcement came a month after the company laid off 12% of its employees to cut costs. The advantages AI can offer businesses is undeniable, and the implications are impossible to ignore. AI is capable of automating a wide range of tasks that, until now, have been performed by humans. But unlike human beings, an AI does not need regular paychecks or breaks. And as AI capabilities continue to develop, virtually no industry will be left untouched. (Here is a look at the fastest growing industries in America.)

    Stellantis, auto union come to agreement on options for Belvidere Assembly Plant employees

    February 28, 2023 // According to the union, employees can choose from: IPR. A retirement incentive of $50,000 for employees who are retirement eligible. Grow In – Employees with less than two years until they are retirement eligible will be offered a grow in. Enhanced VTEP – Enhanced VTEP will be offered to all eligible employees. Stellantis announced back in December that it would idle production, laying off more than 1,300 employees. It is not only Stellantis workers who are affected by this decision, however, as several suppliers in the area are also shutting down. Belvidere Assembly

    Complaints filed from union over Tecnocap layoffs

    February 15, 2023 // Union-represented employees of Tecnocap are seeking what they call “fair treatment” from the company. The United Steelworkers announced the employees will hold a peaceful rally just outside the Capitol Theatre in Wheeling Saturday afternoon. Earlier this week, Tecnocap laid off 51 employees, all of them members of United Steelworkers Local 152M. The union in response has filed complaints of unfair labor practice against the company, saying they refused to negotiate contracts with the union. More than 50 charges have already been filed by the union against Tecnocap.