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    Boeing union workers threaten to go on strike if they don’t get 40% pay raise, as embattled company faces fallout from faulty 737 MAX planes

    February 7, 2024 // Both Boeing and the union have been named as parties of an ongoing National Transportation Safety Board investigation into midair cabin panel blowout on an Alaska Airlines MAX 9 on January 5.

    Right-to-work was key to pandemic recovery

    October 31, 2023 // Of course, right-to-work isn’t the only policy that helps states rebuild. Most of the best performers also have lower tax rates and impose less red tape on entrepreneurs. These and other pro-liberty policies encourage job creation and wage growth. But you don’t have to think hard to realize the benefits that come from protecting workers’ freedom. Workers themselves have more flexibility to switch jobs, move within companies, and start businesses, all of which have economic as well as personal benefits. Job creators find it easier to expand and hire more people, and other companies are more likely to move from out-of-state, creating more jobs.

    GM is shaping up to be the hardest hit by the UAW strike

    October 9, 2023 // UAW members have been on strike for more than three weeks against Ford, GM, and Jeep-maker Stellantis, demanding hefty wage increases, an end to the tiered wage system, and more job security in the EV age, among other key issues. The UAW, led by President Shawn Fain, is taking a new approach as the union strikes all three companies at once for the first time. He has announced three targeted work stoppages since the strike began September 15, and GM is the only company that has been targeted all three times. Ford and Stellantis, meanwhile, have only been hit twice each. GM narrowly avoided a fourth strike Friday with an offer that delayed Fain's weekly update for members. The union president added no new strike targets, despite being prepared to shut down production at GM's highly profitable SUV factory in Arlington, Texas. In the face of this threat, Fain said, the UAW nabbed a win on union representation for future battery plants.

    UPS Teamsters strike threat lingers, here’s how a strike could impact non-union workers

    July 14, 2023 // Non-union workers are likely to see additional workload expectations in the event of a strike. Management, supervisors and other clerical staff that may not be covered by the Teamsters contract "could be told to keep the packages moving" while the union members walk the picket lines, Morris said. Clark said UPS could try and lean on the non-union workers to keep the company afloat during a strike.