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    Syracuse University grad students want to unionize to improve wages, working conditions

    January 20, 2023 // SU plans to increase minimum stipends from $16,980 to $20,000 for master’s student workers and from $16,980 to $22,000 for doctoral students. The pay raises will begin in the 2023-2024 academic year. SU said it is also improving health insurance and child care subsidies for graduate student workers. SEIU already represents about 900 SU workers including custodians, housekeepers, maintenance and good service workers and library technicians.

    Student employees can now unionize, according to the Boise State chapter of the American Federation of Teachers

    December 16, 2022 // The Boise State chapter of the American Federation of Teachers ruled in September 2022 that students employed by the university can now join the teachers’ union, giving students a voice in the labor movement. “This came about through a handful of student employees and grad students who wanted representation in the union,” said Boise State senior and president of Students for Labor Aaron Liu. “The AFT had always been open to professors, classified and professional staff, and now student employees and grad students can join as well.”

    US unions see unusually promising moment amid wave of victories

    March 16, 2022 // Gebre said the nation’s unions should send far more organizers and money to back the union drives at Starbucks and Amazon. “The rest of the labor movement should be willing to lend a hand,” even if they don’t get any of the members, said Gebre, who was recently named Greenpeace’s chief program officer. “That’s what solidarity means.”