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    Biden Bypasses Senate Confirmation in Labor’s Julie Su

    October 3, 2023 // According to the GAO, she can stay in the top Labor Department post without Senate confirmation. That effectively cuts out the voters and sets a poor precedent. Now, should some federal secretary depart, the president need only appoint an “acting” replacement. According to the Government Accountability Office, that person can avoid Senate confirmation and remain on the job, regardless of their suitability for the post.

    White House braces for legal challenges over acting labor secretary’s authority

    July 26, 2023 // “Congress has become relatively useless at reining in executive power,” Painter, now a University of Minnesota professor, said. “Democrats were furious about Trump raiding the defense budget without the permission of Congress. But then Biden did his $400 billion student loan deal, and Democrats didn’t say a word." "The parties just switch playbooks depending on whether their guy is in the White House or not," he added.

    Biden’s ‘American dream’ nominee would unleash a nightmare

    June 20, 2023 // As mothers, caregivers, trauma survivors, and entrepreneurs, women seek nontraditional, flexible work for many reasons. They overwhelmingly choose to pursue independent contracting for greater flexibility ; more control over their schedule, work location, and financial future; and better work-life balance over traditional jobs. Su lacks direct experience running a small business. Leaning on her parents’ or extended family’s small business experience is not enough. Leading the Labor Department would place critical management responsibilities, plus regulatory authority over businesses of all sizes, in her hands. Her record in California exposed other severe leadership weaknesses .

    Julie Su Pining for Labor Secretary

    June 1, 2023 // The National Education Association, one of the largest unions in the nation, began placing ads in states with senators who have yet to commit to voting for Su if – and when – her nomination comes before the full Senate. Ads like these are running in Alaska (Murkowski, R), Arizona (Kelly, D, and Sinema I-ish), West Virginia (Manchin, D). None – along with Angus King (I) of Maine and John Tester (D) of Montana – have said for sure they will vote Su for sure. The NEA came out in favor of Su even before she was nominated, and unusual thing to do for the union, a union that – like its counterpart the AFT led by the egregious Randi Weingarten – pushed strongly to keep schools closed across the country during the pandemic.

    Op-ed: GROVER NORQUIST: Biden’s Radical Labor Nominee Wants To Raise Your Taxes

    May 22, 2023 // As California Labor Secretary, Su was tasked with overseeing the distribution of tens of billions of dollars in unemployment insurance payments during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the process, Su stripped the program of commonsense safeguards and wasted up to a staggering $31 billion on fraudulent payments. That’s about $1300 per income tax filer in the state. To further contextualize the unprecedented scale of this failure, the entire FY2024 budget request for the U.S. Department of Labor was $15.1 billion. Julie Su squandered more than twice this amount of taxpayer money on fraud in a single program in a single state. Americans should rightfully worry about the impact on their own pocketbooks if Su is given an undeserved promotion to oversee operations in all fifty states.

    Julie Su: At Big Labor’s beck and call

    May 1, 2023 // While at the LWDA, she supported anti-worker laws like AB 5, a law that reclassified contractors and freelancers as regular employees. The implementation of AB 5, which happened under Su’s watch, was perceived as heavy-handed and punitive towards contractors and freelancers. Su openly stated that she was willing to conduct “investigations and audits” to enforce reclassification, which negatively affected contractors and freelancers. But contractors and freelancers disagreed with Su’s interpretation of AB 5’s effects on workers. An independent truck driver, who was forced to reclassify after AB 5’s passage, said that AB 5 will “kill the liberty of being a trucker” because of all the “regulatory stuff in an over-regulated and complex industry.”

    Opinion: Julie Su Keeps Failing Up, and Biden Doesn’t Care

    April 10, 2023 // How in the world did Julie Su get nominated to run the federal Department of Labor? Su is a former civil rights attorney, former head of the California Department of Labor under Gov. Gavin Newsom, and head of California’s Department of Labor Standards Enforcement under former Gov. Jerry Brown. She was deputy director of the federal DOL and now is acting director as she awaits a tough Senate confirmation in the next few months. I had immediately thought that the Peter Principle might explain it. Coined by Canadian sociologist Laurence Peter in his 1968 book of the same name, it postulates that the tendency in all organizations is for “every employee to rise in the hierarchy through promotion until they reach a level of respective incompetence,” as Investopedia put it. But that surely can’t explain Su, who already reached that level in her previous employment. Investopedia also mentioned the Dilbert Principle, named after the comic strip: that big organizations promote people precisely because of their incompetence. In other words, they promote them to get them out of the way. Su was California’s top labor official and ultimately responsible for the Employment Development Department when a major scandal rocked that unemployment insurance–disbursing bureau. “California has given away at least $20 billion to criminals in the form of fraudulent unemployment benefits, state officials said Monday, confirming a number smaller than originally feared but one that still accounts for more than 11 percent of all benefits paid since the start of the pandemic,” according to a 2021 Los Angeles Times report.