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    ‘Those who hate AI are insecure’: inside Hollywood’s battle over artificial intelligence

    May 26, 2023 // “It’s so disruptive, it’s kind of like being afraid of the automobile, or, ‘Oh my God, we shouldn’t go to the moon,’” he said. What went unanswered in the panel discussion was how many of Hollywood’s technical workers, from set designers to hairstylists, would be able to translate their skills into a more virtual film world – and how many might simply be laid off. All these tensions were on display last week when tech companies that specialise in AI, including Dell, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Nvidia, were among the sponsors of an “AI on the Lot” conference in Hollywood, which attracted an estimated 400 people to overflowing sessions about how artificial intelligence was disrupting every facet of film production. One tech investor described the mood as both high energy and high anxiety.

    Hollywood shows unions how to let workers shine

    March 12, 2023 // Entertainment unions such as SAG-AFTRA, on the other hand, set only a salary floor. Many sports unions take a similar approach. Members can expect a minimum salary but, from there, can negotiate higher pay depending upon their unique talents and ability to draw an audience. “Nothing,” the general contract for the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists reads, will prevent a performer from “negotiating and obtaining better conditions and terms of employment” than those in the union contract. In other words, actors are free to compete for the most competitive terms they can get. Some are paid more for being better at their craft, not simply for logging yet another year on the job. Under this model, people of extraordinary talent are not limited by arbitrary pay limits and workers are motivated to continually sharpen their skills. Granted, the model isn’t perfect. In return for representation, Screen Actors Guild members abide by what’s known as Global Rule One: Union actors won’t work on non-union projects.

    TikTok Creators Want To Unionize, But Experts Warn It Could Be ‘Very Challenging’

    October 4, 2022 // Content on the app is monetized through several arrangements. One of those ways is through the Creator Next program: the ground floor hub through which the rest of transaction avenues occur. To be eligible, creators must have over 1,000 viewing hours of their content over the last 30 days. Once in the door of Creator Next, you can be paid directly from fan transactions (tips, video gifts, live gifting), brand endorsement deals (via the Creator Marketplace) or directly through the Creator Fund. Of all the monetization models available to creators on the platform, only the Creator’s Fund refers to its participants as independent contractors of TikTok on their legal Terms page. As such, the Creator Fund is perhaps the only avenue by which creators can form a union and lobby Tiktok for employment status.