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    Southwest, American Airlines passengers face looming winter woes

    November 28, 2023 // "We're behind the industry in every area you can think of in our contract. So we're asking for quite a bit. Obviously, wages, retirement, disability. One of the big pillars that other airlines didn't have a huge issue with, but we do, is our scheduling system," Santoro said.

    Maryland Teachers Union employees earn $181,000 on average

    November 19, 2023 // According to MSEA’s federal filing, at least 11 employees earned more than $200,000 in total compensation last year. Kristy Anderson, the general counsel, earned $285,962. Executive Director Sean Johnson earned $276,892. Assistant Executive Director Cathy Perry earned $259,210. Project Baltimore found that MSEA collected $26.5 million in revenue last year, the highest amount on record. Of that $26.5 million, $16.9 million went towards “salaries, other compensation, employee benefits” for the unions 93 employees. If $16.9 million went to 93 employees, that means on average, union employees earned $181,720 in total compensation. Keep in mind, MSEA is a tax-exempt nonprofit with a specific mission to elevate public education.

    Southwest Airlines pilots approach potential strike with request to leave negotiation proceedings

    July 6, 2023 // In the transportation labor negotiations process, the National Mediation Board mediates contract discussions between the carrier and its employees. When a party requests a release from mediation, the board must determine whether continuing with the negotiations process would be productive. If the answer is no, the NMB allows "a cooling-off period" of 30 days, after which a strike can happen. SWAPA pilots are planning a nationwide picket on Aug. 31 in five cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston, Chicago and Los Angeles. Earlier this month, Southwest reached agreements in principle with its flight attendants union — whose board later rejected the agreement — and its aircraft mechanics union, which moved forward with a tentative agreement.

    Why Government Unions—Unlike Trade Unions—Corrupt Democracy

    April 9, 2023 // Newly-elected governors and mayors in most states quickly discover that they have no managerial control over schools, police, and other government operations. If an elected executive has the backbone to try to buck the union, and restore managerial powers when an agreement comes up for renegotiation, the executive in many states will find that unelected arbitrators have the final say. Near-zero accountability makes its practically impossible to transform a lousy school, or an abusive police culture, because the supervisor can’t enforce good values and standards. No accountability also removes the mutual trust needed for any healthy organization. Why try hard, or go the extra mile, when others just go through the motions? The absence of accountability is like releasing a nerve gas into the agency or school. Rigid work rules guarantee massive inefficiency. Basic services such as trash collection, and road and transit maintenance, cost two to three times what it would cost in the private sector. Need someone to help out or fill in? Sorry, not permitted. Need teachers to do remote teaching during the pandemic? There’s nothing about that in the agreement, so it must be negotiated.

    Workers unionize at Enoch Pratt Free Library

    November 22, 2022 // Enoch Pratt Free Library is now unionized, following workers' demands for better wages, a safer working environment, consistency in hiring and promotion processes at the library, and an overall desire for respect as staff as primary motivations for organizing. Friday, the decision came down to a 218-12 vote to join Pratt Workers United. The new bargaining unit will now represent approximately 330 workers from EPFL system's 22 library branches throughout the City of Baltimore.