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    Starbucks union requests wage increases apply at unionized stores

    August 2, 2022 // A labor union representing workers at nearly 200 Starbucks locations has asked the company to extend new wage and benefit increases to unionized employees. Lynne Fox, the international president of Workers United, sent a letter to Starbucks interim CEO Howard Schultz dated July 15 waiving the union’s bargaining rights to wage increases and Starbucks’s other recently announced benefit improvements. training programs, dress code updates, faster sick time accrual and in-app and credit card tipping. Maggie Carter,

    Opinion: Unions And Stress—What Businesses Should Learn

    June 23, 2022 // Unionization is often a sign of discontent more than wage/benefit dissatisfaction. And workers have plenty to be discontented about. Demand for goods and services is up, but the working-age population is not. Many workers toil in short-staffed offices and shops. Add to that all the people who changed jobs in the Great Resignation and have not yet come up to speed at their new positions. More experienced workers have to take up the slack created by new employees. A further problem is poor hires. Companies have been so desperate to hire that they may bring in people not well suited to a particular job, or not suited to any job at all. Pressure to get more done is high, and staffing across the country is not adequate. Bill Conerly