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    Teachers Unions Fund Left Wing Politics

    June 1, 2022 // The LM-2 also lists another $117 million spent for “contributions, gifts and grants,” that were primarily political in nature. Even more despicably, the NEA dispersed more than $55 million in benefits to union officers. That’s almost twice as much as it spent advocating for the teachers from whose paychecks the dues were confiscated

    Op-Ed: Government unions divert dues to leftist politics

    May 29, 2022 // According to the most recent LM-2 form submitted by the NEA to the Internal Revenue Service, the union raked in a staggering $377 million in dues and agency fees during 2021 alone. Of that total, however, only $32 million was earmarked for representational activity — ostensibly the NEA’s top priority.


    March 1, 2022 // Under the scheme, AFSCME confiscated four hours of vacation time from Lascano last year and is on track to seize another four in 2022. And while the amount deducted on behalf of one worker isn’t necessarily substantial, the suit is a class action, which means hundreds of others could subsequently join the lawsuit with Lascano — potentially costing the union hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.