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    American University staff preparing to strike over wages

    August 22, 2022 // Hundreds of staffers at American University plan to go on strike next week if negotiations over wages and health-care benefits with the school in D.C. do not produce a contract. American and a union representing about 550 clerical, technical and academic staff members have been hammering out a labor agreement for more than a year. While they have made progress on issues such as job security, they remain at odds over salary increases, said Sam Sadow, an organizer with Service Employees International Union Local 500, the union representing the staff members. Matthew Bennett, Amanda Kleinman,

    Opinion: Starbucks Workers United Is The Template For Modern Labor Organizing

    July 6, 2022 // “We will have the right to negotiate a union contract and have a real voice in setting organization policies, rights on the job, health and safety conditions, protections from unfair firings or unfair discipline, seniority rights, leaves of absence rights, benefits, wages, etc.” Michelle Eisen, Reggie Bores,

    The Bureau for Labor Statistics data only reported 16 strikes in 2021. A new database argues there were 14x as many

    March 1, 2022 // Prior to 1982, the Bureau for Labor Statistics (BLS) reported on all work stoppages that involved at least six workers and lasted for a full shift or longer. Reagan-era budget cuts changed its methodology, and for the past four decades, the institution has only reported on work stoppages it considers “major” — those involving at least 1,000 workers.

    3,500 Hennepin County workers announce plan to strike beginning Feb. 2

    January 19, 2022 // The strike would disrupt social services for the county’s 1.3 million residents if a deal isn’t reached by Feb. 2, with nurses, child protection workers, psychologists and workers in dozens of other roles walking off the job. County officials say they’re working on contingency plans to mitigate any disruption.