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    Amazon announces policy shift for off-duty workers that could impact union efforts

    July 5, 2022 // The spokesperson said off-duty employees are not prohibited from meeting with co-workers in "non-working areas" away from the company’s facilities. Amazon said the new off-duty policy "will not be enforced discriminatorily" to punish union efforts. Kelly Nantel, off-duty employees, non-working areas, break rooms,

    Red Cross, Union Workers Extend Acrimonious Contract Talks

    June 7, 2022 // Red Cross management denied the allegations made by AFSCME Wisconsin. “The Red Cross has received a local unfair labor practice charge from AFSCME in Wisconsin, and is disputing the allegations at the National Labor Relations Board,” a Red Cross spokesperson wrote to The NonProfit Times. “The parties have agreed to several bargaining extensions due to National Negotiations; nevertheless, the Red Cross is committed to reaching a local contract agreement in Wisconsin that is fair and equitable to all and remains available for continued negotiations.” contract extensions. U.S. House, Congress,