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    Kansas City is quickly becoming the hub for a Half Price Books union effort

    November 27, 2023 // Employees at Westport's Half Price Books voted to unionize on Nov. 17. Overland Park employees unionized in July. If workers at the Olathe store vote to unionize later this month, Half Price Books Workers United will have organized about 10% of the company. Twelve workers at Kansas City’s Half Price Books in Westport unanimously won a Nov. 17 vote to unionize, making them the 11th unionized store in the country.

    No-Show Workers Add Wrinkle to Stellantis Union Contract Talks

    September 14, 2023 // The auto giant has a hard time getting some US factory workers to show up for their shifts. They just don’t align on how to solve it. Stellantis has made fixing absenteeism a priority in contract talks with the UAW for its 43,000 unionized workers. The absentee rate at its US plants was 23% last year, according to a copy of the company’s initial contract proposal reviewed by Bloomberg. Absent workers led to $217 million in lost sales in 2021 and 2022, the company estimated.

    Organized Labor Is Causing ‘Union Joe’ Biden A Lot Of Headaches

    July 28, 2023 // “Biden likes to look pro-union, he’ll turn on those running the unions when it’s politically advantageous—as it was during the railway strike,” David Osborne, fellow at the Institute for the American Worker, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Union executives rarely take issue with it, because doing so would threaten their own political celebrity. Unfortunately, rank-and-file employees are caught in the middle, and they’re the ones with the most to lose when negotiations break down or workers go on strike. The rank-and-file workers will blame Biden, but because they represent such a small percentage of the electorate—and their union executives will endorse Biden anyway—Biden won’t know about it and won’t care.”

    Potential UPS strike approaches as company negotiates with union

    May 29, 2023 // Tensions are rising as the potential for delivery truck drivers going on strike inches closer. UPS has until Aug. 1 to make a deal with the driver's union before they walk.

    Engineers frustrated with rails even as others get sick time

    May 9, 2023 // Across the industry, CSX has led the way by reaching agreements with most of its unions on sick time. Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific have also announced several sick time deals. Most of these deals provide workers with four days of paid sick time and give them the option to convert three leave days into sick time to give workers a total of seven sick days a year. One of the key remaining concerns for the BLET is that even where the railroads seem willing to give engineers sick time, the railroads generally still want to hold workers accountable for missing work under their strict attendance policies. So even if workers do get sick time, they may not feel free to use it because they would still be penalized for missing work although CSX has said it won’t punish workers for taking sick time.

    American Airlines Pilots Vote to Authorize Strike Amid Contract Negotiations

    May 2, 2023 // Thousands of American Airlines pilots are standing their ground, threatening to go on strike right before the busy summer travel season gets underway. More than 96% of American's pilots participated in the vote for a strike and 99% of them voted to allow the union to call one, the Allied Pilots Association said Monday.

    Memphis: Sanitation workers reach agreement with pay increases, more after nine-day strike

    April 25, 2023 // After a nine-day strike, sanitation workers in Memphis signed a five-year contract with Republic Services. The agreement, which applies to workers at both the South Memphis and Millington landfills who are unionized under Teamsters Local 667, will mean increased pay for regular hours worked as well as increases for safety. The workers took down their picket lines Friday in anticipation of the agreement with Republic Services. The strike lasted nine days, with organizers drawing comparisons to the historic sanitation worker strike of 1968.

    As Alabama coal miners strike nears end, a look at why it started, and how it failed

    March 2, 2023 // After 700 days, hundreds of striking coal miners in Brookwood, Alabama will be returning to work soon — but without the better contract that they’ve been fighting to get. The United Mine Workers of America, the union at the center of the purported longest strike in Alabama’s history, asked Warrior Met Coal to allow the miners to return to work at the company’s four locations starting Thursday. The decision was announced in a Feb. 16 press release. “The status quo is not good for our members and their families,” said UMWA president Cecil Roberts in the statement. “I sincerely hope that Warrior Met leadership will accept this offer, get our members back to work, engage in good faith bargaining and finally sit down face-to-face with us to resolve this dispute for the betterment of all concerned.”

    CSX revamps attendance policy as railroad unions push back on sick time

    December 16, 2022 // CSX is among the railroads that used so-called points-based attendance policies to reduce unplanned absences. Under the long-established policies, workers are penalized with points for unscheduled absences, and risk being suspended or fired.

    Sick leave and family leave priorities for workers heading into new year

    December 15, 2022 // The bitter negotiations that nearly brought the country’s freight rail system to a halt last week hinged on one quality of life issue: worker leave. Rail workers nearly went on strike over paid sick leave. They lost their fight, but in the post-pandemic era, the issue of how and when workers can take leave from their jobs is at the core of several major labor negotiations.