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    As Alabama coal miners strike nears end, a look at why it started, and how it failed

    March 2, 2023 // After 700 days, hundreds of striking coal miners in Brookwood, Alabama will be returning to work soon — but without the better contract that they’ve been fighting to get. The United Mine Workers of America, the union at the center of the purported longest strike in Alabama’s history, asked Warrior Met Coal to allow the miners to return to work at the company’s four locations starting Thursday. The decision was announced in a Feb. 16 press release. “The status quo is not good for our members and their families,” said UMWA president Cecil Roberts in the statement. “I sincerely hope that Warrior Met leadership will accept this offer, get our members back to work, engage in good faith bargaining and finally sit down face-to-face with us to resolve this dispute for the betterment of all concerned.”

    As Federal Cash Flows to Unions, Democrats Hope to Reap the Rewards

    February 13, 2023 // In places like West Virginia, money from three major laws passed by Congress is pouring into the alternative energy industry and other projects. “I think it’s a renaissance for the labor movement,” said one union official. Beyond the inflation act, Democrats, with help from a few Republicans, were able to add prevailing wage requirements to the semiconductor bill. And both the Energy and Transportation Departments are making clear that access to unions, payment of prevailing wages and commitments to local hiring will be big advantages for competitive bidders seeking infrastructure and highway electrification projects, though Republican governors like Joe Lombardo in Nevada are trying to block some of those requirements.

    The never-ending strike

    January 6, 2023 // The average strike lasts just over 40 days, according to Bloomberg Law. But some last much longer. In Brookwood, Alabama, coal miners have been on strike for over 600 days, and they don't have any intention of backing down anytime soon. Today, Stephan Bisaha of the Gulf States Newsroom joins us to explain how global macroeconomic forces can converge to keep a labor strike going for so long, and what it takes to sustain it.

    The NLRB Ordered the United Mine Workers to Pay $13 Million. This Video May Show Why.

    August 9, 2022 // Earlier this week, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) assessed the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA)—which has been on strike in Alabama against Warrior Met Coal since April 1, 2021—to pay $13.3 million to the company for “for costs including increased security, damage repair and lost revenues from unmined coal,” as well as “almost $30,000” to individuals, mostly for damage to vehicles.

    NLRB: Mine workers to pay Alabama coal company over $13M

    August 5, 2022 // A federal oversight board ordered the United Mine Workers of America to pay more than $13 million in compensation to an Alabama coal company where members have been on strike for more than a year, a ruling the union said Wednesday it would challenge. The National Labor Relations Board said Warrior Met Coal Mining was due some $13.3 million for costs including increased security, damage repair and lost revenues from unmined coal, and individuals were due almost $30,000, mostly for damage to vehicles. Both amounts included interest. Cecil E. Roberts,

    Unions rally for striking Alabama miners

    April 8, 2022 // The miners began a strike more than a year ago against Warrior Met Coal in Brookwood. The UMWA organized a caravan today to show support for the miners, who union leadership said last week now number around 900. Members of the United Auto Workers, United Food and Commercial Workers, Association of Flight Attendants, and Unite Here were expected at the event.

    Union official blasts Tuberville for Warrior Met Coal strike hearing comments

    February 21, 2022 // Larry Spencer, vice president of District 20 in the United Mine Workers of America, in a letter to Tuberville (R-Alabama) dated Friday, said the junior Alabama senator had not “reached out in any way to help get this matter resolved.”