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    Opinion: Michigan Democrats want to steal my rights so they can reward their union buddies

    December 16, 2022 // They say right-to-work leads to "free loaders" who get the benefits of union membership without paying the dues. But under this law, unions actually have to show value to workers to convince them to stick around. Without right-to-work, unions are the real free loaders, taking workers’ dues without having to earn them. There’s also a lot more to the story. I don’t want to pay dues to a union that’s been under a federal corruption investigation for nearly a decade, leading to multiple convictions for embezzlement. And I don’t want to lose the same workplace freedom that government workers have under the Constitution. Public-sector workers are free to leave their union and keep their job. Private-sector workers deserve the same respect. Anything less is both insulting and unjust.

    New Demands by One Labor Union Renews Concerns about Possible Railroad Strike in November

    October 27, 2022 // DuWayne Bosse of Bolt Marketing is optimistic it will not come to that. "I don't think we go into a full out strike because I don't think the economy can handle it right now and I think the Administration knows that as well, but that's why I think the unions are standing strong because they know that too." However, this is causing increased concern among end users and may slow shipments similar to late August, early September before the previous deadline for a labor deal

    Does Democrats’ support for unions extend to their own employees?

    April 22, 2022 // The CWU, a group of staffers that launched a union drive earlier this year, wants the House to vote on a resolution guaranteeing staffers protections as soon as next week. Currently, the Congressional Accountability Act allows staffers to organize, but doesn’t offer them any shield from retaliation, meaning staffers could be fired and blacklisted if they do so. Thus far, Pelosi’s office has not commented on when a floor vote could be scheduled on the resolution.