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    August 11, 2022 // After wading through all the leftwing blather, I can’t help but wonder why any conservative, libertarian, right-leaning, centrist or apolitical teacher would continue to belong to a teachers union. In California, when a teacher joins a local union, she typically forks over about $1,200 yearly. If the union is an NEA affiliate, $768 will go to the California Teachers Association and $204 will be sent off to NEA command central in D.C. The remaining $200 or so stays at the local level. Much of the money that goes to CTA/NEA is spent on leftwing politics, and every penny of the unions’ income is tax-free. Barack Obama, Becky Pringle, Robert Pondiscio, RJ Martin,, Caroline Hoxby, Mike Petrilli, Fordham Institute,

    Dems, union leaders responsible for school lockdowns face few repercussions, despite evidence that kids harmed

    August 3, 2022 // According to data released last month by the National Center for Education Statistics, 70% of U.S. public schools have reported an increase in students seeking mental health services since the start of the pandemic. A study published by the conservative think tank Just Facts reported that the mental stressors brought about by school closures will destroy seven times more years of life than lockdowns saved. A study by the American Enterprise Institute also found that nearly 1.3 million students have left public schools since the pandemic began, and schools that stayed remote longer saw even more students leave. The World Bank reported last month that the school closures will cost this generation of students $21 trillion in earnings over their lifetimes, which is far more than the $17 trillion estimated in 2021.

    Build a Charter School, Get Sued by the Teachers Union

    July 19, 2022 // If you’re in search of proof that lecturers unions don’t care in regards to the pursuits of schoolchildren, you will discover it within the impoverished Bronx neighborhood of Soundview. A college constructing on Beach Avenue has been shuttered for nearly a decade, and the United Federation of Teachers is suing to maintain it closed. On Aug. 22, a brand new constitution highschool, Vertex Academies, will start lessons right here. In the native faculty district, solely 7% of scholars who enter ninth grade are prepared for school 4 years later. For black college students, the determine is 4%. The new faculty guarantees to ship “a high-quality education to 150 minority students from low-income backgrounds” in its first yr, says founding principal Joyanet Mangual. Justice Sotomayor, Public Prep, lottery, State University of New York, Jay Lefkowitz, Kirkland & Ellis, Milken Institute in California, Brooklyn Tech, Arthur Andersen, framework of family, religion, education and entrepreneurship, New York City Charter School Center, International Baccalaureate, Catholic faculties, Vertex, New York University Law School’s Classical Liberal Institute