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    Opinion: Protect workers by preventing union neutrality agreements

    February 21, 2024 // A neutrality agreement is a contract between a union and an employer that typically forbids employers from communicating with employees about the unionization effort or the union behind it. This includes not discussing with workers the viability of any promises the union makes, the accuracy of information provided by the union, or details about the union’s record. Employers that sign neutrality agreements are even precluded from answering employees’ basic questions about how the bargaining process works. So in short, these deceptively named neutrality agreements are anything but. Employers are not actually asked to be neutral, but instead to leave employees in the dark about the choice they face.

    Commentary: The Hollywood Strikes Stopped AI From Taking Your Job. But for How Long?

    December 28, 2023 // The “learn to code” crowd has all new ammo. Even Biden’s executive order was clear about the fact that the US government wanted to attract the best and brightest in the field. But that’s job creation, not job displacement. New technologies create jobs all the time, but with AI, some of those jobs pay pennies. What’s more, AI can also ask you to train it to do your job before picking up your tools. Going forward, the likelihood that AI will displace many entry-level jobs while creating a few highly skilled gigs seems high. The biggest questions in AI right now nearly all revolve around what these machines are learning from people, whether it’s human skill or human bias.

    VIDEO: Microsoft tries to address AI labor concerns with new AFL-CIO pact and ‘neutrality framework’

    December 13, 2023 // The AFL-CIO and Microsoft said the agreement includes a “neutrality framework” that will apply to future efforts by workers to organize under affiliated unions. They said the framework confirms “a joint commitment to respect the right of employees to form or join unions, to develop positive and cooperative labor-management relationships, and to negotiate collective bargaining agreements that will support workers in an era of rapid technological change.” AI has emerged as a wedge issue in a wide range of labor negotiations over the past year, including the now-settled strikes by Hollywood screenwriters and actors.

    AFL-CIO And Microsoft Announce Deal For AI Training And Labor Neutrality

    December 12, 2023 // The agreement will provide formalized training opportunities for union members and students on artificial intelligence beginning in the winter of 2024 and conducted by Microsoft’s AI experts. These trainings will give participants a deeper dive into the use of AI in specific careers, enabling them to utilize the technology rather than be replaced by it. The agreement also provides the AFL-CIO the opportunity to influence and participate in the development of new AI offerings from Microsoft.

    Behind the AI boom, an army of overseas workers in ‘digital sweatshops’

    August 31, 2023 // In the Philippines, one of the world’s biggest destinations for outsourced digital work, former employees say that at least 10,000 of these workers do this labor on a platform called Remotasks, which is owned by the $7 billion San Francisco start-up Scale AI. Scale AI has paid workers at extremely low rates, routinely delayed or withheld payments and provided few channels for workers to seek recourse, according to interviews with workers, internal company messages and payment records, and financial statements. Rights groups and labor researchers say Scale AI is among a number of American AI companies that have not abided by basic labor standards for their workers abroad.

    Microsoft’s Union-Neutral Deal Spurs Video Game Organizing Wave

    June 29, 2023 // Microsoft Corp.‘s union-friendly stance has opened the door for organizing among online gaming studios nationwide in what legal observers say is a model for other companies looking to establish better relationships with organized labor.

    Sega of America workers in Irvine file for union election

    May 1, 2023 // 144 employees seeking to unionize want higher wages, improved benefits and increased staffing, among other upgrades

    Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs At Risk of Automation and AI Replacement in New Jersey

    March 1, 2023 // Several media and tech companies, including BuzzFeed and Microsoft, have already stated their intentions to use artificial intelligence to generate content and improve their products. And while BuzzFeed claims that AI will not impact the size of its workforce, the announcement came a month after the company laid off 12% of its employees to cut costs. The advantages AI can offer businesses is undeniable, and the implications are impossible to ignore. AI is capable of automating a wide range of tasks that, until now, have been performed by humans. But unlike human beings, an AI does not need regular paychecks or breaks. And as AI capabilities continue to develop, virtually no industry will be left untouched. (Here is a look at the fastest growing industries in America.)

    Millions of Jobs At Risk of Automation and AI Replacement in California

    February 27, 2023 // According to a recent report from NetVoucherCodes, a U.K.-based voucher code website, automation and AI pose a high risk to 2,322,630 jobs in California in the coming years - or 16.9% of all jobs considered, the seventh smallest share among states. Distinct from AI, automation - such as the software used in automatic checkout counters or robotics used in manufacturing - poses risk to the largest number of jobs in the coming years. In California, automation poses a high risk to 2,000,730 jobs, compared to 321,900 jobs exposed to risk from AI technology.