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    Opinion: Joe Ocol, Teacher, Chicago, Illinois

    June 14, 2022 // “Of course, politicians use money and power to get union endorsements. If some union members don’t trust the politician endorsed by the union, their union dues are doomed. This is wrong. Where is freedom of choice in the union?” “I don’t think we should allow an organization to be so powerful that its officials brazenly abuse their power. There must be checks and balances. I think there even ought to be a lifestyle check on all the top officials of the union. Is it true that one can become rich being a union official? Is this what this is all about, that there’s money in being a union official? If so, there ought to be a lifestyle check or an audit of these officials. And it’s about time.”


    May 27, 2022 // Analysis by the Illinois Policy Institute shows the language of the amendment would allow abuses of unionization and collective bargaining rights to nullify more than 350 existing state statutes. The amendment creates new threats for a wide variety of sectors, including policing, child care services and education. The impact of Amendment 1 would likely be felt by virtually all Illinoisans – including children.

    Chicago Teachers Union members may strike if demands for remote learning period aren’t met

    January 1, 2022 // "…Safety committees are the authority on safety in our schools. We can use them to take back control from our principals and CPS. But we need to organize in our buildings to prepare members for action if and when concerns are ignored."