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    I4AW Adds Three Labor Voices to Prestigious Senior Fellows Program

    January 30, 2023 // These new fellows- Ken Girardin, David Osborne, and Mailee Smith- have impressive backgrounds as policy leads at the foremost labor policy organizations in the country. Their work is bridging the information gap with data and analysis that show how outdated labor policies and special interest politics are harming a large swath of the American workforce and producing hostile economic conditions for workers and small business owners. “We are proud to highlight the important research and analysis that Ken, Mailee and David are contributing to the labor policy debate,” said president of Institute for the American Worker, F. Vincent Vernuccio. “These new fellows and their respective organizations are on the cutting edge of labor policy, and we are honored to include them on the I4AW team.”

    REPORT: Pennsylvania Teachers Vote to Kick Union Out of Their School

    August 23, 2022 // Westinghouse Arts Academy Charter School in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania As a result of tens of millions of dollars of political spending, heavy resistance to reopening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, and repeated efforts to label concerned parents as domestic terrorists, teachers unions have come under increasing public scrutiny. And that scrutiny is not limited to the general public, as teachers at one Pennsylvania charter school have decided that they want nothing to do with their union. Hunter Tower

    Op-ed: Biden Takes Aim At Small Business Owners To Boost Union Profits

    August 19, 2022 // It’s no secret that Democrats and America’s unions work for each other, but is Joe Biden’s Department of Labor hurting America’s small businesses just to give more to America’s unions? When George Shearer received a petition from the Teamsters seeking to unionize his family’s truck delivery business, he was shocked. The business had not been incorporated and although his father started and still owned it, he remained a full-time truck driver. They had just nine employees, with three of those being Shearer’s close friends who did not seem dissatisfied in their roles. However, Teamster recruiters were telling drivers they could nearly double their salaries through collective bargaining. Although this was clearly impossible, throughout the years they have boasted figures as evidence to why these types of unionization should take place. For more information on the subject, Lars speaks with David Osborne, who is the CEO of Americans for Fair Treatment.

    David Osborne: The Case For And Against Unions

    July 21, 2022 // “When it comes to unions, money is everything. This is what drives the unions. It’s what keeps power. It’s what makes union officials quasi-celebrities in American politics.” AFFT CEO David Osborne

    Quarter of spending by powerful teachers union went to political causes: Report

    June 9, 2022 // Of the nearly $200 million the union collected in dues, $49 million, or 27%, went to political donations that overwhelmingly favored Democratic political organizations and groups advocating overtly liberal causes. The union also spent an additional $6 million on "contributions, gifts, and grants," which also largely went to politically charged causes. Congressional Progressive Caucus Center, National Democratic Redistricting Commission, Economic Policy Center, United States Heartland China Association,