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    Opinion: Newsom, Like Biden, Believes Selling out to Unions Is His Path to the Presidency

    August 5, 2022 // Newsom’s resume is littered with union sellouts — which goes a long way toward explaining how he’s managed to turn the Golden State into an open cesspool — but the most recent was his approval on June 27 of a state budget that has the potential to force taxpayers to subsidize union dues while handing California’s labor unions an unprecedented handout to shore up their Janus-depleted finances. The so-called “Workers’ Fairness Tax Credit” would convert union dues from a tax deduction to a tax credit. The budget earmarks $200 million to “begin” a policy of paying union members for paying union dues John Moorlach, Jon Coupal, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers’ Association, Dan Walters, CalMatters, California Labor Federation, Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, House of Representatives,

    Gavin Newsom Is Praised For Nation’s First Union Dues Tax Credit, But It’s Not A Done Deal

    July 14, 2022 // “Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2018 decision in Janus v. AFSC SC +3.2%ME struck down as unconstitutional state laws requiring public employees to pay union dues or fees, unions and allied state lawmakers have sought to compensate for the resulting, and ongoing, loss of revenue and political influence,” said Maxford Nelsen, director of labor policy at the Freedom Foundation, of the motivation behind the union dues tax credit. “A lot of bad, coercive policies have been enacted by union-dominated states seeking to undermine Janus, but California’s proposal to create a tax credit for union dues could be the worst yet.”

    Freedom Foundation: ‘Education union spent more money on political activities than worker representation’

    June 15, 2022 // “It includes lobbying government officials, get-out-the-vote activities, and even internal targeting or messaging towards union members in getting them to try to vote a particular way,” said Maxford Nelsen, director of labor policy at the Freedom Foundation. “It’s a fairly broad range of activity that falls under the heading of political activities and lobbying and it is broader than just writing checks to candidates for office.” The tax form also revealed that the NEA spent more than $55 million on benefits for union officers. “By the time you get to the NEA headquarters, salaries for full-time staff working in the NEA headquarters are definitely far higher than most teachers are getting,” Nelsen told Legal Newsline. Juliette Fairley, Legal Newsline, Rebecca Pringle,

    Authorizing congressional unions won’t end Democrats’ labor troubles

    May 17, 2022 // Earlier this year, after the Democrat-controlled Washington state Legislature quietly killed a pair of bills extending collective bargaining privileges to legislative aides, about 100 Democrat staffers staged an unprecedented sickout. Facing a PR nightmare, panicked Democrat leadership quickly reintroduced and passed legislation allowing staff to unionize and bargain, but not until 2024, after a new “Office of State Legislative Labor Relations” spends millions of taxpayer dollars trying to figure out how to make it work in practice.

    Democrats Say Secret Ballot for Me, Card Check for Thee

    May 17, 2022 // Instead, unions want to organize employees via “card check,” a coercive process whereby organizers confront employees individually and relentlessly, at work and at home, until they sign a petition card. If the union can collect cards from half of the workforce, it gets certified without a vote.

    Watching Democrats debate unionization of legislative staff is a popcorn-worthy spectacle

    February 25, 2022 // One guaranteed beneficiary would be IUPAT District Council 5, a stridently partisan union looking to organize legislative staff. In addition to representing Democratic Party employees, nearly all 143 candidates the union endorsed in 2020 were Democrats. Using members’ dues, the union and its national affiliate have spent $700,000 influencing Washington elections.